Pornography Stats & Facts

  • “Nearly all men who view pornography use it as the stimulus for masturbation. As a result they frequently suffer feelings of guilt, shame, regret and humiliation.

  • Many men become addicted to pornography and lose their freedom. They feel trapped, out of control, and in despair. They literally become slaves to their own lust.

  • Pornography places men on an emotional roller coaster. One minute they’re happy, the next they’re sad; calm, then angry; kind, then cold. These moods change without warning, causing stress and pain for wives, children, friends and associates. Feelings of estrangement ensue, further isolating and alienating them from their loved ones, which often drive men even deeper into the self-medicating escape of pornography.

  • Men isolated on the slippery slope of pornography typically fail in their families and marriages, and in their relations with people in general. They are less effective, less reliable, less creative, and more prone to meanness and fits of anger. In essence, pornography turns men into zombie-like characters who are but a shadow of their true selves and potential. They waste their time, talents and resources, caught up in their own dark little world of pornography viewing.

  • In the advanced stages, pornography addiction can lead a man to commit rape, incest, violence, exhibitionism, other sex-related crimes and even suicide. Millions of men have lost their families, their careers, their reputations, their good names, and their freedom just to satisfy their addiction.

  • Pornography can take an immensely good, talented, enthusiastic man and turn him into one of the walking dead.”

“In marriage, the process leading to climax at least has the potential to be a binding, loving, giving experience for both the man and the woman. No such benefits exist with porn. And, in fact, when a husband is locked into the porn process leading to his private orgasms, this selfish attitude will nearly always spill over to his marriage. Over time, he will be less of a soul mate and more of an isolationist. Plus, sooner or later he will begin seeing his wife as an object similar to the porn images he views in order to achieve climax. Thus, pornography often turns intimacy in marriage into a totally selfish and narrow experience.”

“Though, pornography initially triggers an increase in sexual activity, it is anything but intimate. It wasn’t attraction to our partner that generated the contact, but a need to gratify the desires built up by viewing others.  Forgive me for being blunt, but this turns our mate into little more than a tool for masturbation.  Even more sad is the fact that, over time, our mate becomes the least favorite tool, since the other options place fewer expectations or demands on us.  This is more than a weakened relationship, it is infidelity as severe as adultery, the affair being, in this case, with yourself.”

“In pornography, intimacy is something to be avoided, and–as I say in the book–”In pornography nobody makes love. They all make hate.” The man makes hate to the woman’s body. It’s about the destruction of intimacy.”

“They would watch things being done to women that they would not want done to the women they love. It psychologically destabilizes them to violate their own innate sense of justice, fairness and the golden rule and reduces their own self-respect.”

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