“There can be hope.”

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HeartSupport was created by Jake Luhrs (of August Burns Red), to help fans brave their wounds, find purpose, and discover healing. Our goal each year is to create a legacy of life-transformation, freeing fans from suicide, addiction, and abuse while empowering them with the realization they are loved unconditionally and supported by a community that believes in them.

Each year we impact thousands of men and women by partnering with musicians from the industry, along with offering peer-to-peer mentoring and support, recovery programs, daily live streams, and access to discounted counseling. With this outlook and resolve we watch them break free from cycles of addiction, suicide ideation, depression, sexual abuse, relationship issues, self-harm, and hopelessness.

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Stories: blogs, IG live, and interviews

Community: a forum & live stream for real time support

Programs: free recovery programs and counseling

why we’re partnering with As I Lay Dying

In novels and movies, we love a redemption story. We love stories where our heroes fail, only to grow stronger. In real life, however, we find this concept difficult. In our digital era, we can champion shame and judgement, yet at our core, all people wanted to be loved and ask that we believe they can change.

At HeartSupport, when an individual fails, struggles with addiction, gives into hate, relapses, but eventually chooses to change, we call this Post Traumatic Growth. There’s a distinct line in the sand between those who say they want to change, and those actively doing something about it. In As I Lay Dying’s story, we see a group of men embracing change, standing against their past, and making waves towards growth while helping others. 

Their progress is at the core of what HeartSupport represents. We continue to believe all people can become more—and to that end—we stand beside men and women who decide to do so. 

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