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A divided snake

was once the symbol of resistance against the British


The famous political cartoon was made by Ben Franklin during the height of the American Revolutionary War. A snake cut into eighths represented how the colonies could remained divided and die—or unite together.

Currently, the military and veteran community is somewhat fractured. We all know the stats about our brothers and sisters and poor mental health. Like the divided snake, we’ve let other other people speak to our issues, and haven’t risen up together.

But that’s about to change. We can unite and change the face of mental health, or we can continue to watch our brothers and sisters die.



Meet the coalition


CSM Donald McAlister
(82nd Airborne)


MSG Tu Lam
(Green Beret/Ronin Tactics)


Florent Groberg
(Medal of Honor recipient)


Kinessa Johnson
(Afghanistan veteran)


Tim K.
(Iraq veteran)

Micah Fink

Micah Fink
(Navy SEAL)


Rudy Reyes
(Marine Recon)


Tyler Grey
(Army Special Operations)


Jeff Gum
(Navy SEAL)


Benjamin Sledge
(Afghan/Iraq veteran)

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Action. not awareness.

What We’re Doing


Screenshot of an upcoming tactics video on blades and mental health training with MSG Tu Lam of Ronin Tactics.

Imagine a school where the curriculum didn’t just have the goal of better mental health, but all the things warriors love? Because that’s exactly what we’re building. Our goal is to have a scalable, automatic, and targeted mental health training grounds for our veterans and military.


Screenshot of an upcoming tactics video on blades and mental health training with MSG Tu Lam of Ronin Tactics.

What We’re Building

Training Libraries

Ronin Tactics, several veterans, plus HeartSupport are in the process of building training libraries ranging from blades, weaponry, tactics, mindfulness, and so much more with the intent of teaching the best practices to developing a warrior mindset and better mental health.

Native Peer Support

We’re developing technology we plan to employ that will allow veteran/military based peer support, along with customized content delivered directly via text message, socials, and the web. Veterans will be able to converse directly with peers and while awaiting responses have specifically tailored content appear.

Exercises & Workbooks

Those of us who’ve served—or are serving—know the value of tactile, hands on exercises that strengthen automated responses. The same is true for your mental well-being. Our staff is hard at work creating the resources and content necessary to take proactive next steps.

Impactful Stories

Alongside The Veteran’s Project we’re showcasing stories of veterans/military who battled through addiction, depression, suicide ideation, PTSD, moral injury, and substance abuse only to come out stronger. We believe storytelling is essential to healing the soul and helps other veterans connect and recognize they often fight the same battles as others.

Want to help develop these programs and provide feedback?

coming spring 2021

We’ll be launching new products and resources geared toward veterans


Where’s the money go, man?

Your Donation Helps Fund The Following:

  • Employing and paying for the new technology for native peer support (text, web, social)
  • Filming, videographers, and editing for the training library
  • Developing resources, exercises, workbooks, and content for veterans
  • New stories, travel, and capturing veteran legacies with The Veteran’s Project