Donate to heartsupport

because on average every $1 donated impacts 3.5 people

We accept PayPal through our system

Donate to heartsupport

because on average every $1 donated impacts 3.5 people

We accept PayPal through our system

When you donate

$ 50 /Once

You’ll impact 175 people that month

$ 50 /Monthly

You’ll impact 2,100 people that year


Join the sound

And amplify Our impact each month


When you join The Sound, you’ll invest in life change that lasts. The Sound is a team of monthly supporters who help amplify our impact each month and allow us to create more programs, resources, and success stories of life transformation. Without this team, we’d be unable to accomplish 70% of what we do every month. To help ease your mind about where your money goes, we have a platinum seal of approval with GuideStar for financial transparency (which less than 1% of all non-profits have)

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Fundraise for us!


Need ideas? Never fundraised but want to? We created an entire page and training manual just to ensure you knock your fundraiser out of the park. Whether it’s donating your birthday, a charity stream on Twitch, we can help you crush your goals.


Know Your Money is in good hands

See what current donors are saying:

  • So many young adults are fighting battles no one knows about. HeartSupport focuses on them and provides them with a network of people just like them and that's amazing to me. You'll continue to get my support from here on out and I absolutely love that I can be a part of it. Big or small! Thank you.

  • I continue to give monthly to HeartSupport because I am convinced that the work you are doing is vitally important. Not only are you giving hope to individuals struggling with various addictions and trauma wounds, but you're also giving hope their family and friends.

  • As an organization, you are willing to enter into some spaces that very few people are willing to go to reach people who are hurting in real time. I continue to support HeartSupport because you celebrate with people who experience victory in their own journeys of healing and recovery.

  • I just want everyone to know they're loved and they're worthy of love, no matter what struggles they may face. Heartsupport consistently does that whenever and wherever possible. and as someone with mental illness myself, I can say that your resources have made a huge difference in my own life. I want you to be able to impact more lives the way you've impacted mine.

  • We believe in what Heart Support does. Many people just need someone to listen to them or reach out and Heart Support is going out of the way to meet those people where they are at.

Other ways to give


2735 Triway Lane
Houston, TX 77043
Please make Checks payable to “HeartSupport”


It’s not new that many companies make contributions to non-profit organizations. Thanks to tax deductions, for-profit entities are able to help out non-profit organizations. Consider aligning your organization with ours and call us at (214) 664-9619 or email [email protected]

EIN:46-4342239  |  heartsupport is a 501(c)3. Your donation will be tax-deductible