The sound

A team of monthly givers who amplify HeartSupport’s resounding impact in the music scene

$50/month will send a new sound of hope to over 2,000 people in 2019

Every $1 you donate helps impact 3.5 people (according to our budget:impact ratio)

that means you’ll help them:

Overcome addictions

  • [HeartSupport] helped me overcome the lies of worthlessness that were feeding into my addiction and as a result I don't feel the need to use pornography as a way to check out of life.

    Grayson, TX
    Grayson, TX

Heal from the past

  • HeartSupport ultimately helped me find my confidence again and gave me a place I can come with my struggles and find answers. Being part of a community that is there for one another, where we can talk, is something special to me.


choose life over suicide

“I have been 3 years alive, clean, and healthy. All of my cuts have become scars and HeartSupport is helping me through with my recovery with every email, phone call, and inspirational article they write.”

When you join The Sound,
you invest in life change that lasts.

First, we help them out of the pain they’re facing

  • prove our trust

    so that they will share their story

  • kill their shame

    so that they know they’re not alone

  • give them hope

    so that they are motivated to make their lives better

Then, we teach them how to do it themselves

  • embrace their responsibility

    so that they take ownership over their life

  • realize their worthiness

    so that they know they are deserving of what they hope for

  • develop their confidence

    so that they can repeat their results over and over again

Your money will create lasting impact in one of three ways:



We will be able to tour 5x more than we do and help create 5x more success stories at concerts



We will be able to amplify the life change of our tours through online programs that teach people the tools for ongoing success



We will be able to hire two additional employees to tour full time and multiply our life-on-life impact

Every month we’ll mail you new success stories from our community

  • The HeartSupport community gave me the opportunity to be honest with my feelings and see that I wasn’t alone.

  • …through HeartSupport I have a support system. I have people reminding me every day why I'm alive. I'm part of something bigger than myself and it's the best feeling in the world.

  • HeartSupport has helped me feel loved and supported. It made me believe that I truly did belong somewhere.

  • HeartSupport helped me realize that I'm not alone, that there are people who love and care about me.

  • HeartSupport helped me believe that I was not a disgrace.

  • HeartSupport has helped me raise confidence in myself and my future.

  • HeartSupport showed me people who know my struggles no matter how big or small and helped me become the best person I can be.


Join in with 215 others who are amplifying HeartSupport’s impact

  • So many young adults are fighting battles no one knows about. HeartSupport focuses on them and provides them with a network of people just like them and that's amazing to me. You'll continue to get my support from here on out and I absolutely love that I can be a part of it. Big or small! Thank you.

  • I continue to give monthly to HeartSupport because I am convinced that the work you are doing is vitally important. Not only are you giving hope to individuals struggling with various addictions and trauma wounds, but you're also giving hope their family and friends.

  • As an organization, you are willing to enter into some spaces that very few people are willing to go to reach people who are hurting in real time. I continue to support HeartSupport because you celebrate with people who experience victory in their own journeys of healing and recovery.

  • I just want everyone to know they're loved and they're worthy of love, no matter what struggles they may face. Heartsupport consistently does that whenever and wherever possible. and as someone with mental illness myself, I can say that your resources have made a huge difference in my own life. I want you to be able to impact more lives the way you've impacted mine.

  • We believe in what Heart Support does. Many people just need someone to listen to them or reach out and Heart Support is going out of the way to meet those people where they are at.


we can create a world where no music fan has to struggle alone.

We're live! Get real time support.