Taylor PalmbyProject Manager

My mom always says that before I could talk I could sing, and that’s how it was for the entirety of my childhood, constantly singing my heart out (mostly off-key) and turning toward music as my refuge. Once I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, my dependence on music was elevated, but I also became dependent on something else —God, my prince of peace, my redeemer.

Throughout the last six years I have wrestled with how I can use my own struggles to help others. I fundraise, I share my own story, and I am a crisis text line counselor. Although, all of these things bring me great joy, they haven’t been able to lead me directly to my purpose. Then, while I was reporting on Warped Tour in Milwaukee, I met Dan at the HeartSupport tent. Stepping into that space Dan immediately made me feel loved and heard, and as I listened to him passionately describe this incredible organization I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. HeartSupport was everything I had been waiting for. After keeping in touch with Dan, and asking to help in anyway possible, I met the whole team and fell even more in love. Now I help spread the HeartSupport message through interning.

When I’m not curating HeartSupport’s social media pages, you can find me teaching cycling classes, eating copious amounts of cheese or studying in one of the many coffee shops in Madison, WI.