Meagan PrinsStaff Writer/Editor

I found myself in the HeartSupport tent at Warped Tour in the summer of 2012, though I can’t totally say I really knew what I was doing there. My younger brother was passionate about the music scene, and I had tagged along to the concerts only really for his sake. When I checked out the site later, I found myself unexpectedly enthralled.

As I started college, I found myself battling cultural pressures, finding identity, struggling with purpose and faith and self-worth. Reading blog posts become a constant source of encouragement and insight for me. When my dearest friends came to me about depression, walked on the fence with suicide and pornography, and I was faced with my own mental health battles, HeartSupport was a place to turn to.

Then I met Ben. I talked to him about writing, about how much his words had given voice to the things fighting inside of me. Six months later, he gave me the opportunity to do the same thing that he and other writers had done for me: speak a little life and truth to the journey’s toughest circumstances. Writing aside other incredible writers for three years on the blogging team has and continues to teach me the power of words when we have courage to speak.

Today, you will find me writing from Indianapolis and waiting to see which adventures God will take me on next–can’t wait to tell you about it along the way!