Heather GonzalesPress/PR

Throughout most of my life I let toxic relationships define my self worth. Early on in high school, a relationship involving emotional and sexual abuse led me down a dark path that eventually turned into depression, self-harm, and suicide ideation. These issues would continue to weave their way into my adult life.

Because of my past, I jumped from one toxic relationship to another believing my worth was defined by the person I was with. To cope with my destructive tendencies when they became too much, I often turned to art, which eventually led me to a career in the music industry. Eventually, I would meet Jake Luhrs through his band, August Burns Red and learned about HeartSupport.

Through therapy, mentors, and the help of some of the team at HeartSupport, I was finally able to find who I really was inside this entire time. I have so much empathy for women experiencing the same that I decided to use my stumbles and pain to help empower them, and fuel a better future for myself.

While I was born in Dallas, and grew up in Colorado, I currently reside in Long Beach, CA where I continue to work inside the music industry.