DanMedia Manager

At a young age, Dan learned that people need help, and that life was never meant to be lived alone. Following his parent’s divorce and living in a home where domestic violence was present, Dan reached a season of life that was consumed with using people for self-gain, and depression that stemmed from a rooted feeling powerlessness. Dan found emotional healing through counseling, art, and a deep love for music and spiritual healing In 2004 he became a follower of Jesus. God opened his heart to Student Ministry and became a staff member at his local church. Dan lives in Springfield, Oregon where he is a husband to his beautiful wife, and a father to his beautiful daughter. Dan became a part of the HeartSupport team in 2015 where he and his best bud Casey travel on tour, interview bands, live stream on Twitch (DanMakesHisMark), and make awesome videos for the HeartSupport YouTube channel.