Meet lexie

A true story of a journey from heartbreak to healing

Lexie grew up in the foster care system

Lexie’s life consisted of bouncing from family to family, bullied at school for being different, and sometimes even being beat by her foster parents. Frequently, she would cut herself because every day she felt like she was invisible, and the pain was something that reminded her that she was real.

But one day she went to Vans Warped Tour and discovered HeartSupport.

A couple of weeks later, she ended up on the site needing support because she was ready to end it all. This is what she wrote:

This is what she wrote:

Things aren’t good for me right now. Not at all. I got kicked out of my house a few weeks ago and the people from my old school that used to bully me are getting worse and worse. My urges have gotten to the point where I’m about to slip up and relapse. At this point, I’m just ready to end it all. I found out about heart support at warped tour with my friend laurel and it really helped to talk about everything but that feeling is gone. All I feel is pain and I’m done. I just want it to stop. I just want it to end.

What Lexie didn’t expect was the overwhelming support she recieved

With time, support, and friendship from our community and staff members she began to realize she wasn’t invisible.  She found faith, hope, joy, and was even eventually adopted by a loving family.

When asked at Warped Tour the next year “Did you ever expect you’d make it here again?” She looked back through tears and said, “Honestly, no I didn’t.

we’ve always believed in the power of hope.

We know one person’s success can be inspiration and proof that others can overcome too.

So our users prove the power of this community by writing out how their lives have been forever changed through the love and support they’ve experienced here at HeartSupport.

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