Use Your Stream to Help Others

You can support the mental health of your community without getting burnt out. We built the technology to help you do it.

The Heartsupport Network Is Currently Closed

We are currently backlogged reviewing applications and are not accepting new new applications at this time. All of the information listed below is only for partnered streamers.

However, we still want your help to promote the organization, mission, and fundraise on your stream. Click the button below to download assets.

Community Care Text App

Enable Your Community to Send and Receive Anonymous Encouragement

Your community can text your Twitch username to 512-647-2871 and open up about the struggles they face or encourage others from your community. Use peer support so you don’t have to be the only encourager in your community.

  • Backed by HeartSupport community
  • Monitored for trolls
  • Anonymous so they feel safe to share

HeartSupport Bot

When you use this bug on your OBS, our Bot will automatically connect viewers to your Text App with the !HS command.


Text [TwitchUsername] to 512-647-2871 to send or receive encouragement anonymously from others in our community.

This is run through HeartSupport, which is a non-profit on Twitch that helps people with depression, anxiety, addictions, and more at

The HS Bot will also alert chat (optional, Discord as well) when someone asks for support through your Text App.

Someone from this community has asked for support! You can read what they wrote and reply with encouragement here:[topic_name]/[topic_id]

Digital Support Wall

See Topics Written by Your Community Members

Receive a custom view of our Support Wall that prioritizes topics from your community. You can view a live feed of the encouragement written on the wall and see stats of the impact your community has made. You can also share this page with your community from your own Custom Vanity URL:

Twitch Live Response Bot

Enable your community to send messages to the Support Wall directly from chat.  Use the !topic set, !topic reset, and !respond commands to get your chat involved in encouraging others.


Other Assets & Fundraising


Need our logos for something else? Download black and white styles in .PNG or .EPS format below.


Thinking about selecting HeartSupport as your charity of choice for a fundraiser? Click below to get synced up with Tiltify.


Wanting to add a description of HeartSupport in your stream panels? Here’s a pre-formatted image and description.