meet the team

That’s passionate about our scene

  • Jake Luhrs
    Jake Luhrs Founder/Chairman of the Board

    At the age of 16 I had my first encounter with what I believe to be my first true “desire.” To be in a band and express my pain…

  • Ben Sledge
    Ben Sledge Executive Director

    Two combat tours overseas, a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and I was coming home to being newly divorced and thinking about killing myself…

  • Nate Hilpert Director of Marketing

    I was struggling with a 20-hour-a-day video-game addiction and a consuming obsession with women through promiscuity and pornography….

  • Megan Huettl
    Megan Huettl Administrative Manager

    After a major car wreck that claimed the lives of her best friends, Megan woke up in a hospital to discover the state would be charging her with their deaths.

  • John Williford Fundraising Manager

    When John left the Marine Corps, he began attending college but soon found himself struggling through excessive drinking, partying, and abusing drugs.


  • Casey Keys Content & Community Managers

    Through years of being caught in the wake of friends’ suicides and self harm, Casey found a heart for helping people through the darker issues in life.

  • Dan Content & Community Managers

    Following his parent’s divorce and living in a home where domestic violence was present, Dan was consumed with using people for self-gain