meet the team

That’s passionate about our scene

  • Jake Luhrs
    Jake Luhrs Founder/Chairman of the Board

    At the age of 16 I had my first encounter with what I believe to be my first true “desire.” To be in a band and express my pain…

  • Ben Sledge
    Ben Sledge Executive Director

    Two combat tours overseas, a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and I was coming home to being newly divorced and thinking about giving up…

  • Nate Hilpert Director of Strategy and Innovation

    I was struggling with a 20-hour-a-day video-game addiction and a consuming obsession with women through promiscuity and pornography….

  • John Williford Operations and Fundraising Manager

    When John left the Marine Corps, he began attending college but soon found himself struggling through excessive drinking, partying, and abusing drugs.


  • Taylor Palmby Social Media & Content Management

    Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, only later leading to self-harm, Taylor found something bigger than herself to rely on and became a crisis text line counselor.

  • Heather Gonzales Public Relations

    Heather found her self worth jumping from relationship to relationship only to suffer sexual abuse that led to depression, self-harm, and suicide ideation.

  • Michelle Saari Mental Health Advisor

    Michelle has spent the last 14 years working in mental health and inside the music industry. When she saw how much help was needed, she chose to jump into action…

  • Meagan Prins Staff Writer/Editor

    Meagan found herself battling cultural pressures, identity, struggling with purpose, faith, and self-worth. When her friends turned to her for advice for their problems while having her own, she found HeartSupport.

  • Casey Keys Content & Community Managers

    Through years of being caught in the wake of friends’ suicides and self harm, Casey found a heart for helping people through the darker issues in life.

  • Dan Content & Community Managers

    Following his parent’s divorce and living in a home where domestic violence was present, Dan was consumed with using people for self-gain

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