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What are people saying?

  • HeartSupport was created by the community for the community it supports and its directors and supporters have been through many of the same things that they now help people get through. Having witnessed their work and insightful talks, I'm grateful to be able to give them a platform like Warped Tour to help get their message out.

    Kevin Lyman Vans Warped Tour Founder
  • Ben is a gifted communicator who helped tackle an extremely complicated issue with precision and compassion. His knack for weaving in engaging stories challenged the audience and left them inspired towards life transformation.

    John Burke NYT & Amazon Best Selling Author
  • It was refreshing to hear a talk on a subject that is only spoken in whispers or as someone else’s problem. We must first acknowledge the damage and control pornography has on our relationships and children. Then we can and start having real and authentic conversations re-enforcing what healthy relationships look like and model these in our own lives…denying power to something that has control over too many lives.

    Special Operations Forces (SOF) Service Member
  • [The talk] was right on target. The students and the staff alike were challenged by the subject matter. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

    Frank Riley Private School Principal in Texas

Some keynote topics we cover

Why is Everyone Depressed These Days?
44% of college students are reported to be experiencing depression in recent studies, and the number continues to climb. Many feel a loss of purpose or that they “just can’t adult” while finding the responsibilities facing them daunting in the midst of an economic recession. In fact, one in three college students reports having felt so depressed that they had trouble functioning. Anxiety, loneliness, and narcissistic tendencies all seem to lend a hand in the research contributing to what many have labeled “Generation Me.” Why such an increase in depression? Why are more and more people finding it harder to get our of bed every day? How can we help those struggling?

Why Suicide Makes Sense (But How You Can Help End It):
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Millenials. Every 12.3 minutes there is a suicide in the United States. 22 veterans take their lives every day. The misconception in our culture is to “leave it to the professionals” while those closest to us and even our neighbors suffer silently until it’s too late. To those suffering it “makes sense,” but no one wants to lose another loved one to suicide. What if the tools you needed to combat suicide were straightforward and practical and didn’t always require a counselor, but someone who cares? With hundreds of counseling episodes under our belts with people who planned to kill themselves within a few moments, we can equip you to where you’ll feel confident and informed.

Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong:
The way we view addiction is all wrong. We assume people fall into the wrong crowd or get peer pressured. But why are more and more new addictions popping up every day? Research is suggesting Millenials can’t part with their phones. Excessive video gaming and pornography are now labeled as “arousal addictions.” Why does our society continually numb themselves over and over with a broad variety of coping mechanisms? What’s at the root? Why can’t we stop when we swear we will? Let us train you on what really causes addiction and how to break the chains once and for all.

Rape Culture:
One in six men are sexually assaulted and never report it. 80% of victims of sexual assault are under 30 years old. 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail. More and more we’re hearing about “rape culture” in our society today. Each year we hand out thousands of books to victims of sexual assault at the events we attend. Why such an increase in our current culture? What can be done? We’ll help address these questions and give you tactics on how to help survivors or family members.

The Myths and Realities of Self-Harm/Cutting:
Myth: People who cut and self-injure are trying to get attention.
FACT: People who self-harm generally do so in secret with less than 4% doing so for attention. They aren’t trying to manipulate others or draw attention to themselves. In fact, fear and shame keep them stuck and the desire to seek help far too difficult. Many wear longs sleeves and pants to hide their shame. Everywhere around the U.S. parents want to know, “Why does my child cut?” Friends want to know “How can I help?” People stuck in the cycle want to know “How can I break free and why am I stuck?” Using our groundbreaking research from our book, ReWrite: The Journey from Self-Harm to Healing, we can help train your college, high school, or organization with the latest information and proven techniques to help anyone.

How to Reach a Post-Christian World
87% of Millenials say Christians are judgmental. 85% say Christians are hypocritical. Only 18% even say it’s relevant to their life. Many believe science and Christianity don’t mix, and you have to check your brain at the door of the church. But what if we told you that we’re able to reach both audiences and help them consider subjects bigger than themselves using science, philosophy, and faith? What if we told you that we even have rockstars that support us and don’t mind our Christian message? Just what if we can help train your audience to love a generation like Jesus did? Then, you might just see a new generation invigorated by the thought of exploring faith.

Generation Porn:
The state of Utah unanimously declared pornography a public health hazard as of 2016. Social psychologists state that men don’t know the difference between “making love and doing porn.” The average age someone is exposed to pornography is now 11 years old. One in 3 visitors to pornographic websites are women. But perhaps the most shocking discovery is that pornography now neurologically rewires your brain. Learn the latest information and conversations to have with spouses, significant others, friends, and your children before we become Generation Porn.

The Latest Millenial Trends:
There’s few things we understand better than the latest trends among Millenials. In fact, our largest demographic is 18-24 and typically in college. What are Millenials interested in? How is social media affecting the way they view life and the future? What can we expect from the coming generation? Are they really as selfish as media makes them appear? More importantly, you may be asking, how do I go about reaching them and speaking their language? With hundreds of conversations daily, we can help guide you to connect with a generation that is innovative and savvy and might not be as difficult to reach as you’d think.

The Conversation About War and Veterans We Refuse to Have
(Ben Sledge only)
The Iraq and Afghan Wars are some of the longest-running wars in the history of the United States, yet only 0.45% of the population has served without a draft taking place. In the news, we see record numbers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and failings within the VA and are outraged, but the citizen/soldier divide continues to grow clearer. As psychology advances, we’re discovering many of our veterans aren’t necessarily suffering from PTSD, but Moral Injury (The emotional shame and psychological damage incurred when a soldier has to do things that violate their sense of right and wrong. Shooting a woman or child. Killing another human. Watching a friend die). It’s a conversation many don’t want to have because they feel no responsibility even though the men and women they voted for (or didn’t) have sent soldiers into moral quagmires. The end result is that veterans feel as though they can no longer relate to the society around them. Yet in every culture prior, our warriors have received purification rites and a rallying of community to help heal their wounds. The question is not, “what’s wrong with our soldiers,” but “what can we change to help bridge the gap?”

SOME PAST places we’ve spoke at:

U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, Exponential Conference, CRU, Vans Warped Tour, iMatter Festival, Disciple Now, McLean Bible Church, Gateway Church, First Baptist Colleyville, Northway Christian, StoneCrest Church, and Mars Hill

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