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Need encouragement, advice, or next steps from your peers but remain anonymous? Our Support Wall is filled with people who’ve been through what you’re experiencing and come out stronger. Hop on and receive responses from our staff, streamers, and people in the same life stage as you any time of day.

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matty mullins of memphis may fire

Need to talk to people in real time? No problem. We stream Monday through Friday on Twitch. Lurk in the background and hear from others, or hop on the chat and hear our staff respond.

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Depression. Self-Harm. Life Struggles. We Can Help.


Mountains: 25 Devotionals With Jake Luhrs

Christian books often avoid talking about real struggles.It’s time to change that. Join Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, as he guides you through the mountains he’s faced in life, and how he came out stronger.


Dwarf Planet: A Practical Guide Through Depression

Depression feels like living on a distant dwarf planet. This book is your way out. Snag the #1 new release of 2018 on depression and tackle the cold, lifelessness that haunts you. Climb in. We’re going to get you off this rock.


ReWrite: The Journey From Self Harm to Healing

You don’t know why you cut, or maybe you do. One thing is certain though: something has to change. Get the tools and tactics necessary to break free in this groundbreaking work backed by Brian “Head” Welch of Korn.

Our books are reviewed by mental health specialist, Dr. Michelle Saari

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We offer scholarships and will ship you a free one.

Portions of donations help us get free resources into the hands of those who need them. Consider gifting a book.


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Get 7 Free Days Of Counseling On Us

With rising health care costs and access to professional counselors a hardship, we’re proud to partner with BetterHelp to offer 7 free days of counseling. You’ll be matched with a counselor based on your needs. Be aware you’ll need to enter a credit card should you wish to continue, but you cancel anytime.


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Like to read or looking for practical advice ranging from relationships, anxiety, depression, dating, friendships, or spirituality? We have one of the top blogs on Medium with a group of talented writers who continue to shatter stigmas and provide helpful advice.

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Real Stories From Musicians

When we look at musicians on stage we can wrongly assume they have it all. But just like you, they struggle and go through addiction and pain. Hear their stories of defeat and victory.

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