What you believe can impact

the way you act, how you treat people, how you view life, what you believe about yourself.

Each of us has beliefs at our core that impact our day to day life. For some of us, they can be simple moral reasons. For others of us they may be religious or just simple human nature. Some of us learned them from our parents, others of us have learned them over time. Whether good or bad, what we believe impacts our lives and especially others around us.

At HeartSupport, we believe that we’re to:

love people, treat them kindly, heal the broken, bless those that would hate or even harm us, share generously, be honest about our flaws and failures, and care for the hurting, marginalized and oppressed.

The reason why we choose these core beliefs comes from the fact that we base our organization on the life of Christ and how he chose to love others.

But therein lies the problem.

From the Crusades…

to the street-corner preachers damning others to hell, the word “Christian” can often leave a sour taste in most people’s mouth. And rightly so. Many claiming to be “Christians” hardly look like the man they claim to follow.

At HeartSupport, we recognize instead that we are broken just as much as someone who is not a Christian, and can often times be more hypocritical. Our understanding of Christ’s mission is that we are to “Love God, and love our neighbor.” If we truly love God, then we will love our neighbor as ourselves and understand that God loves us deeply in spite of being a mess.

This is why all are welcome

regardless of what they believe or don’t, who they love, what their past is, or what their life might look like. All of us need support, love, and grace.


So yes, you’ll hear us talk about God. You’ll also just hear us talk about life and give practical advice that isn’t sugar-coated. But we’re not here to bludgeon you with our faith. We’re just here to support you through whatever season of life you’re going through now and remind you that no matter what, we believe in you.

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