What you believe

Can impact the way you act, how you treat people, how you view life, and what you believe about yourself.

Each of Us Has beliefs

and those beliefs impact our day to day lives. For some of us, they can be simple moral reasons. For others of us they may be religious or just simple human nature. Some of us learned them from our parents, while others of us have learned them over time. Whether good or bad, what we believe impacts our lives and—more importantly—those around us.

at heartsupport

we believe that we’re to:

love people, treat them kindly, heal the broken, bless those that would hate or even harm us, share generously, be honest about our flaws and failures, and care for the hurting, marginalized and oppressed.

We base our company values on a mixture of faith, philosophy, psychology, morals, and regard for fellow man. We seek to unite in a world so divided by consumerism, hurt, pain, and strife.

This is why all are welcome

From the beginning, Jake Luhrs had a few simple guidelines he wanted people to understand when they stepped foot into the community at HeartSupport.

It doesn’t matter

Who you are or what you believe

What you’ve done or what’s been done to you

Who you love

The Color of your skin

All of us need support, love, and grace

We’re here to help. And we hope you experience that.