awareness is nothing without


PERCENT RAISED to fund life transformations (stretch goal: $105,000)


Imagine This…

Your house catches fire, but instead of calling the fire department, your neighbors stand around and yell “FIRE!”

When it comes to mental health, most of the world takes the scream-about-the-burning-house approach. There are plenty of places and people that scream about the need for access to healing, but where does healing actually happen?

That’s where YOU and HeartSupport step in.

  • “I found this community when I was at my worst and was broken and alone. You taught me how to live, how to recover, and how to grow from my struggles. They no longer define me.”


How will my donation help heal people?

Matty Mullins will be releasing a new book with us
  • Double our personal crisis response—we’ll reach 2,500 more people in need
  • Double our live support—600 more recovery hours added on our live stream
  • Four new professional programs—we’ll create new resources to help men and women heal as well as hand out 14,000 free copies to those in need
  • A mental health festival that expands outreach—help seed an event that will impact over 20,000 fans in 2020.

What’s the cost?









Overall cost: $105,000  |  Overall impact: 34,000 people

$3 will provide actionable resources
and support for 1 person

impact 10 people

impact 50 people

impact 100 people

Earn sweet, sweet perks

Our gala will take place in Austin, Texas in March of 2019 and be limited to 200 spots of which 20 are reserved for fundraisers. Confirmed artists are Tim Lambesis, Jake Luhrs, Matty Mullins, Garret Russell, Ryan Kirby, as well as several others to be determined.

  • Fundraise $1,000 and get a ticket to our Gala plus a meet-n-greet with all artists!
  • Fundraise $2,500 and get a ticket to our Gala, flight, and hotel plus a meet-n-greet with all artists*

*International fundraisers flights are limited to $1,200 roundtrip

Why support Us?

  • So many young adults are fighting battles no one knows about. HeartSupport focuses on them and provides them with a network of people just like them and that's amazing to me. You'll continue to get my support from here on out and I absolutely love that I can be a part of it. Big or small! Thank you.

  • I continue to give monthly to HeartSupport because I am convinced that the work you are doing is vitally important. Not only are you giving hope to individuals struggling with various addictions and trauma wounds, but you're also giving hope their family and friends.

  • As an organization, you are willing to enter into some spaces that very few people are willing to go to reach people who are hurting in real time. I continue to support HeartSupport because you celebrate with people who experience victory in their own journeys of healing and recovery.

  • I just want everyone to know they're loved and they're worthy of love, no matter what struggles they may face. Heartsupport consistently does that whenever and wherever possible. and as someone with mental illness myself, I can say that your resources have made a huge difference in my own life. I want you to be able to impact more lives the way you've impacted mine.

  • We believe in what Heart Support does. Many people just need someone to listen to them or reach out and Heart Support is going out of the way to meet those people where they are at.

APMA non-profit of the year (2016)

Top 100 non-profit in the world
for social innovation (2017)

Got a question or wanna fundraiser for us? Email [email protected]