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Requirements for all interns:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Well rounded communication skills and working knowledge of Google or Microsoft products (Docs/Word, Sheets/Excel)
  • Creative, hardworking, and able to handle constructive criticism from peers and staff alike (we want you to grow during this time period!)
  • Ability to participate in major fundraising campaigns. All interns will help raise money during these annual events—one in the spring and one in the fall—to further the mission of HeartSupport.
  • Access to internet and ability to work remotely.
  • Personal plan for mindfulness and self-care. As you will deal with stories of hardship, pain, and struggle we need resilient men and women who understand the impact of mental health, including their own. 

Available openings


Candidate will oversee and spearhead leading the members of the Support Wall Team (SWaT), while working with staff to achieve objectives and increase care for users. Responsibilities will include facilitating conversations, developing volunteer opportunities, engagement and oversight on live streams, and will be a point person for deeper care within the community in addition to staff. Candidate will engage through Facebook groups, online community forums, and twitch live streams/Discord channels. Prospective candidate will develop skills necessary for catalyzing groups and incubating ideas that are then executed.

Mandatory Skillset:

  • Exceptional communication/relationship building
  • Working knowledge of Facebook Pages Management System and Twitch Live Stream/Discord
  • Amateur use of databases, spreadsheets, social media, email marketing

Preferred Skillset (but not mandatory):

  • Counseling or ministry background (professional background is unnecessary, but can leading breakout groups or being a 12-Step sponsor is ideal).

Candidate will oversee volunteer meet-ups at concerts and festivals in their local areas and throughout the U.S. and Canada while researching bands touring schedules to provide accurate, real time information for community members. We’re looking for someone who has a deep desire and passion to connect people, is detail driven and can respond quickly to messages, and coordinate event participation. Candidate will learn brand guidelines, social strategy, event coordination, and how to optimize merchandise sales while learning how to run an online merchandise store for events.

Mandatory Skillset: 

  • Savvy with Facebook Pages and Events
  • Able to consolidate information
  • Clear and concise communication/able to handle multiple streams of communication and user/volunteer needs with finesse
  • Amateur use of databases, spreadsheets, and social media

Preferred Skillset (but not mandatory):

  • Experience using Shopify
  • Sales or event merchandise experience

Candidate will work hand-in-hand with staff to help develop and maintain donor relations at HeartSupport. Responsibilities will include email, phone, and standard mail communication with active and prior donors showcasing our outreach programs and impact of their giving. Candidate will also learn to communicate via HeartSupport’s social media platforms while managing satellite and birthday fundraisers. In addition to fundraising, the candidate will also learn to collect key data and analyze reports pertaining to non-profit management.

Mandatory Skillset:

  • Working knowledge of Facebook Pages Management System
  • Amateur use of databases, spreadsheets, social media, email marketing
  • Clear communication/relationship building
  • Has fundraised for an organization in the past

Preferred Skillset (but not mandatory):

  • Sales experience
  • Has fundraised on behalf of HeartSupport
  • Demonstrates tenacity and discipline when working projects

Candidate will be responsible for creating rough video edits of the band interviews we produce and will work directly with HeartSupport producers to fine tune and enhance their video editing skills sets. Responsibilities will include one edit per week with direction and guidance from the video producers, ability to film and interview musicians in their local area that HeartSupport would like to interview, and an ability to tell a story in the shortest and most efficient manner possible.

Mandatory Skillset:

  • 2+ years of experience using Adobe Premiere Pro CC or DaVinci Resolve
  • Must have a capable system/software licenses to do editing remotely
  • Ability to transmit media and project files to HeartSupport staff
  • Ability to utilize multi-camera angles and hidden cuts

Additional Requirements:

  • All candidates must send a link to previous work or a portfolio of their most recent content.

Can I earn college credit for my internship?

Sure can! A lot of that depends, however, on your school and their governing documents regarding credit for students. You’ll need to talk with your academic advisor/ guidance counselor to begin the process and see if you’d be eligible. Be advised that each school will have a different process. The staff at HeartSupport will ensure your school receives the necessary information they ask for if accepted into our program.


HeartSupport does not have any available positions at this time. All full-time positions are filled.