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Richard raised $1,386.49 in 24 hours on Twitch

(and he never had fundraised before)

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Richard. I enjoy fitness, video games, and spreading joy to others. This includes making other people laugh. (including myself.)

Why did you do a 24-hour stream to fundraise for HeartSupport?

I firmly stand by what HeartSupport is all about – and I wanted to help in the best way I could. On Twitch – charity streams are quite common, and I always wanted to do one – but only for a cause I’m insanely passionate about, and it will have so over-the-top that people would open their eyes and go “Oh, this guy means business. I’m going to listen and I want to help.” – That’s why I went for the 24-hour stream route…Because I really did want the people who did attend, to realize that the cause I’m supporting is much needed.

Where did you come up with the idea, because it worked great!

The idea of a 24-hour gaming stream was inspired by the multiple marathon gaming events available today. I created my own event and gave it a name: #TwitchHaveAHeart – then told my friends about it, then added it to social media. My intention was so that everyone wouldn’t look at it than just another “fundraiser” – It was a 24-hour event to come hang out and enjoy themselves – while learning about a wonderful cause and why they should support it.

“But I don’t know how to fundraise!”

No Sweat. We’ll train you!


We’re committed to seeing you succeed so we put together a short but informative pamphlet (complete with checklists!) to train you on just how to fundraise for your birthday, an event, or challenge you’re doing on our behalf! By the time you finish reading you’ll be confident you can knock it out of the park.



The average donation size for those committed to seeing their idea work is typically $77 per each person they ask (with an average of around $700 total per event campaign)

donate your birthday

Celebrate your birthday by asking friends for donations on Facebook in lieu of your birthday. Make this birthday count knowing it will go towards impacting someone who needs hope.

Get creative

Grow a mustache, shave your beard, paint, host a gaming marathon, or throw a party. You have fun ideas that can benefit HeartSupport that others just might want to support!

Take on a challenge

Run a marathon, do a crossfit competition, hike a mountain, rally your school sport team, or even lose weight. Use your goals as an opportunity to raise money for a good cause!

Why Choose HeartSupport?


A suicide occurs Every 12.3 seconds in the United States

What We’re Doing About it


Since the beginning, we’ve set out to transform lives through community and end addiction, mental health issues, and hopelessness. Our resources alone provide over 1 million minutes of encouragement, support, and growth each month at HeartSupport (note: there are 43,000 minutes in a month).

Don’t just Take Our word for it

Hear From Those We’ve helped

  • I was on the verge of suicide, alone, and wounded, but HeartSupport gave me the courage to hold fast. It gave me the courage to begin going to therapy, to be authentic and honest with the people I loved, it gave me the strength to throw lies about myself to the side, to reclaim my life.

  • HeartSupport helped me see hope when I felt stuck in depression and suicidal thoughts. HeartSupport provided genuine encouragement because I knew I wasn't alone. No matter what I was facing, I knew there was hope and there was a reason for my pain. Though I felt as if I were stuck in my own mind, my thoughts really had no hold or power over me because the God is with me and fighting for me alongside the community at HeartSupport.

  • Isn't amazing, how, in this world within a network, a community, a family, and in the midst of all of these relationships, one could feel, if not already, isolated? I have struggled with loneliness since adolescence. However, I was surprised to find a movement called HeartSupport, who, with a noble cause, made it a pursuit to reach out to the ones who feel maybe a little lonely, different, excluded, etc. Seeing the videos and reading the blogs brought inspiration to me personally and I know it is a sanctuary to those who, maybe, are longing, yearning, wanting to be heard and wanting to be with others who ultimately understand.

  • I used to let myself feel alone because I let myself get used…those two things twisted my mind into thinking I was worthless…well guess what? I am not worthless. I have purpose and meaning and I can do anything no matter what the odds are […] HeartSupport got me to realize that I am not alone in my struggles and that God has a plan for all of us here.

  • I've struggled with bullying, loneliness, and body image since I was in 4th grade. [This last year] things quickly went from bad to worse. The bullying got worse and I began self harming. I felt as though my life had no purpose anymore. Then I started listening to music and found HeartSupport. It helped me come face to face with my demons and I didn't feel so alone. And after a while with their support things have begun to get better!

  • A few years ago I fell into a hole. I drank daily and numbed myself with drugs. I cut people out of my life and burned a lot of bridges. I was aware what I was doing to myself, but couldn't find the inspiration to stop. I wanted to be happy again, but found it easier to take my pain out on myself. I met Jake at the HeartSupport tent at Warped that summer. He took the time to talk to me and even asked about what I wanted of myself, and how I should be proud of the things I had accomplished. I felt a new sense of worth and self-confidence I hadn't felt in months. I spent the next few months reading stories on HeartSupport. I took a step back and re-learned what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do with my life. Three years later, I'm able to healthy able to work towards the goals I set for myself. Learning to love myself again through HeartSupport has helped put me on the right path.