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    May 17, 2017 at 2:15 am #31888

    I attempted suicide several years back and ended up injured badly for a while. I am under investigation. I see these “Black Lives Matter” protests nationwide and I cannot blame the outrage and moreso the pain these communities feel towards an out of control industry that has no doubts in their methodology or practices. Criminal investigators are cruel, loud, obvious individuals who often advertise their presence to terrorize us while stalking us. Sting operation task forces are incredibly dehumanizing, intrusive, arrogant, even clearly criminal. Yet this industry operates above the law with impunity while enjoying their cruelty. They slander us under the guise of conducting an investigation, they bully everyone into assisting them to fabricate a case no matter how absurd the case is. They ignore our innocence, evidence of innocence, statements which contradict incrimination, scientific evidence which contradicts their predetermined theory of guilt. They are a cruel naziesque extremist fraternity which destroys our lives. Our mental health is destroyed by them on purpose. Our reputations are trashed badly. Soon our whole community no longer trusts us. Our families turn on us believing the law enforcement instead of us. If I was committing a crime or plotting a crime I could understand but I am lawful and doing incredibly well. Yet the local Sheriff here is a local mafia. Their detectives target us unfairly and endlessly, aggressively and maliciously. Their whole fraternity targets us and harasses us everywhere. Our privacy is violated badly. Eventually victims of these fanatical, stubborn criminal investigations find themselves living in terror, struggling to maintain their mental health, struggling to function, depressed, violated while wondering if they are going to end up dead or incarcerated for a crime we are innocent. The local sheriff stalks us and schemes badly, fabricating bogus cases to use the FBI, the court, whoever into believing we are a threat and assisting them in their vendetta conflict of interest witch hunts. They persecute us and abuse their power, yet the mafia are respected members of our local community because they are deputies, lawyers, detectives, forensic psychologists.

    I do not feel as if I live in America. Instead I feel as a hostage in a stasi police state because of this sham endless investigation. I can understand the pain, despair and fear of the protesters who attempt to call attention to police tyranny. Yet police are not just uniformed officers. Law enforcement is the undercover thugs who bully and commit violence without respect for the laws they claim they swore an oath to. They are the psychologists behind the scenes at the local police departments who study us and design cruel psychological warfare to abuse us, who train undercover investigators how to psychologically abuse americans in the community quietly. It is the lawyers at the sheriff’s department who scam the court to obtain endless warrants to violate our privacy to stalk, target and persecute us. If they become paranoid they honestly believe they are entitled to drive people to suicide just to claim they are “making sure”- even if it destroys the american they targeted, destroyed a family and bankrupted someone. This fraternal order has become a safe refuge, a sanctuary industry for criminals, hateful lowlifes, scum, abusive individuals and liars/actors. Every criminal with a brain enters this industry. Every entitled brat who believes they deserve to enjoy their way at the expense of the rest of us join the law enforcement community to enjoy the special exceptions and exemptions this industry takes for granted while violating our civil liberties as americans.

    Being under investigation is painfully depressing. I know my old community hates me because they were hateful entitled brats the Communist Party from Asia told were victims and deserved to hate everyone and abuse everyone during the cold war. Now these factions and their training are still operating rogue in California as organized crime, even if just for the purpose of hurting people rather than profit. I feel as if these thugs are attempting to drive me to becoming suicidal, but I am working hard on preserving my mental health. It is incredibly hard when I am terrified and our laws are exposed as a cruel hoax which doesn’t exist if the Sheriff scams the system to weasel out of respecting these laws. I spend every day wondering if I have a future or hope because of an out of control government infiltrated by local thugs of low values who learned to act and lie with the discreet aid foreign sponsors who recruited them to use them.

    I have written everyone in town, the DOJ, the FBI, internal affairs at the sheriff, – no results. I am fighting for my survival against an overpowered, over respected, over staffed and overfunded bureaucracy which is a haven for hateful thugs who indulge in their fanatical extremism while scamming the system.

    Yet if we attempt to bring up police corruption it contradicts the propaganda of police being good guys and is ignored or scorned.

    If we attempt to explain the communist bloc trained children they profiled as having low values and terrible ethics for the purposes of lying and infiltrating in unison under the supervision of foreign agents from foreign countries, we are viewed as conspiracy theorist nutcases. Yet I remember the communist party originally was open and loud in my family and elementary school when they thought the USSR was going to win the cold war. Now everyone hides behind custom tailored faux personalities designed by foreign psychologists to hide and pose as patriotic americans while still infiltrating and working for foreign communist corrupt governments from Asia.

    I am depressed. I am alone and fighting for my survival against a faction of thugs who burrowed their way into our local government with the mentoring of their secret foreign sponsors.

    May 17, 2017 at 11:10 am #31897

    Hey friend,
    I’m so sorry you feel yourself going back to the place where you feel suicide is answer again. I can’t speak to the majority of what your post addresses, as I have not educated myself on the issue, and don’t know what it’s like to under investigation; but I am so sorry you feel such anger towards the issue. I hope you come to understand that your life is worth more than you can know, and I also hope you can find freedom and peace. Thank you for being so brave and being honest with us. Hold fast, we believe in you.

    Much love,

    May 17, 2017 at 5:27 pm #31907

    No chance. Returning to suicide is no good. I am employing my coping skills and working hard to apply what we learned from the psychologist. Slow process but powerful. I feel terrified, not angry. Thank you Maddy. Is your day a cheerful pleasure? How are you?

    May 17, 2017 at 7:09 pm #31910

    Hello idanonymity, I am so sorry you have to deal with all of that. That is something nobody should have to go through. I have kind of studied the Black Lives Matter situation. and it hurts me to see what is happening to Blacks all around America. Because “A person is a Person no matter how big or small” Or in this case no matter what color. People matter too me. I will be praying for you. I hope Nothing goes any worse and If it changes then I hope it is for the best.

    May 17, 2017 at 11:18 pm #31914

    No one believes us after the Sheriff trashes our reputation around town. Their methodology is terrible, they practice no objectivity or honesty, they are not respectful of evidence which contradicts their predetermined decision they insult science as a tool to use to merely substantiate their personal assumptions while ignoring if it contradicts them. They use high tech machines they do not know how to interpret to spy on our bodies and they assume wrong. They observe us and assume wrong. They are in complete denial to how deceitful, corrupt and hateful many of their agents are who prep us to appear to be guilty, even if of a non-criminal act the psychologists monitor for. They red flag americans on false pretenses, harbor conflicts of interest, enjoy vendettas, abuse power and unfairly target people, blindly believe gossip if from many sources which has led criminals to organize and lie in unison hidden behind a detached sloppy theater to manipulate and use these detectives (this is a trick foreign agents who serve as handlers taught criminals in our communities), the deputies are sexist bigots who are too arrogant to acknowledge just how prejudiced they are as a department, they blindly believe one demographic while psychologically cruel towards other demographics. These detectives intrude into our pasts and private life and concoct wrong, inaccurate, fiction which they believe is gold; fools gold. They then profess to have used a scientific method and logic testified in their favor, while promoting theories which are wrong. They cannot see what is in their face, an elementary school teacher from 3rd grade is more discern at seeing through group lies than the local deputy who is eager to lynch people and claim they solved the case. They use psychological theories to discredit suspects arguing their innocence while refusing to apply the same theories to the individual they treat as the unquestionable victim. Their is no consistency, just abuse of law and college debates to argue and bend light to present their terrible theories as sound. They create mobs and nurture mob mentality in your community and family and pressure everyone until testimony is changed and no longer reliable. Witness testimony is unreliable as it is, this is a proven fact. Just like identifying the wrong person is the leading cause of murder convictions of exonerated and the poser victim lying is the leading cause of false convictions of pedophile cases which turn out to be bogus. These sheriff are not qualified to wield such dangerous power over the community. They prep and suppress to conjure up what they want to present to the court as fact instead of respecting the facts and being formless.

    My life and reputation is ruined. I have fanatics stalking me violating my privacy in hopes of arguing an excuse to violate me worse or arrest me. My life is going to end up ruined. I do not want to end up homeless and lose all my property because I am stuck wasting away in jail because they are being malicious and unfair towards me. I wish the judge would ban them from investigating me further. They have abused warrants and a decade as it is to harass and destroy my reputation and mental health.

    Law enforcement is supposed to make us feel safe. Not terrify us.

    May 18, 2017 at 12:19 am #31915

    I’m not doing wrong, never hurt anyone. Yet I live in terror, The LASD is unscrupulous fanatics who abuse power to endlessly target us until they can pretend they have a legal reason to arrest us. Even if it means resorting to creative, deceitful, unreliable scams. They studied law and studied science and can pick and choose to pretend they are lawfully just and scientifically sound. I am tired of living in terror just because this thug sheriff department does not give me credit and is stuck in a gang banger mentality endlessly persecuting us. I have the right to be free, functional and happy. Grow up and deal with it. Just because they do not sit right with this does not mean they can abuse the system to deny us these rights by creative scamming. We are defenseless against the absurd power of this extremist industry of abusive terrorists. The detectives slander, harass, abuse and frame us in the most creative of manner just to pretend they are being lawful. Then we end up committing suicide in prison for serving time because of their error and blatant crime. These sheriff do not feel remorse. The LASD and gang do not care. They are lying murderers who get away with this and honestly could care less. These are terrible human beings and viewing this trash representing my country behind badges is a painful reminder of the insult to our country they in fact are. They do not represent me. They represent their arrogant cartel of lodges who think they are entitled to use the system to force their whims and beliefs on everyone who is held hostage to their police state. I respect I was an alcoholic but they treat me like a violent fugitive or wild animal to hunt for sport. They have no concept of accountability. The accountability they profess to hold themselves to is a complete joke. They are secular pharisees. The exact same as the biblical pharisees of the new testament. Full of fraud while professing each other to be the keepers of God’s Law and morality, while terrible human beings who hurt everyone while living in their collective lie.
    How can someone have a fair trial if we cannot even have a fair investigation?

    I am not surprised when I read about activists who protest the police committing suicide. This law enforcement fraternity is an arrogant, fraudulent gang of terrorists who favor who they like while destroying the lives of the demographics they don’t like. Every scientific theory and practice they invent reeks of their bias. Even good technology and theories are wasted behind their rampant corruption which has now come to be accepted as respectable behavior and perception among them.

    I am doing extremely well. I have finished my drug rehab, mental hospitalization and jail time and am a productive, clean, safe member of the community and this out of control agency continues to tear my life apart to concoct some angle to scam an arrest. Right now they are claiming they are investigating a cold case to claim I am doing good but “perhaps I was bad in the past.” They refuse to treat us as innocent. They pursue us ruthlessly as if we are guilty and must be removed from the streets or killed just to check us off their hit list. Why do the police not let us live in peace? Why is the Sheriff allowed to slander us around town in a scandalous attempt to ruin us and see us framed? even if by another law enforcement agency?

    I do not like living in terror because of thug police. I see other countries where the lawful government is finally overthrown for being terrorists towards their people and the once respected leaders who were protected are placed on trial and sent to prison. No longer untouchable with their fraternity in power they are finally made to pay for their terrorism against the people and public they held hostage under their tyranny. How can third world countries achieve this monumental feat but the USA cannot uproot the entrenched fraternity of law enforcement, march them out, strip their badges and warrants and send them to prison identified as human rights violators?

    Right now these thugs live in safety and above the law. They have no concept of accountability or responsibility. They are a joke. They are spoiled brats who abuse us with impunity while we are forced to pretend they are “good guys” who stand for law and order when they are just terrorist trash who drive americans to suicide, relapse, drug use, hospitalization, incarceration and self harm.

    How can Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru humble people who thought they were untouchable and place them in prison, but the American people have become so powerless over our courts and press that these snide, arrogant thugs can be as scandalous and cruel as they feel like for as long as they feel like under the color of criminal investigations?????

    How is USA #1? The third world passed us up. There is a whole community of detectives, psychologists, undercover agents, deputies who should be publicly stripped of power and trust, respect and authority. Instead this communist totalitarian state holds us hostage and abuses us in drunken power resembling the babylonian whore of revelation. Liberty??? No your goddess is the whore of babylon. The good people? No you are secular pharisees who are out of control in your long entrenched delusion.

    It is important to believe in ourselves no matter how hateful this delusional industry abuses us and slanders us. But we are not titans, we are human. We can handle so much and then we become depressed and even suicidal. I wish we could obtain restraining orders from out of control detectives.They are unfairly and endlessly targeting me and this is inhumane. They do not care. I might have possible stolen something 20 years ago and getting me killed is more important. It is depressing to recon that I worked incredibly hard, kept my word to the judge, the hospital and the drug treatment center and for what? To end up dead because of out of control detectives who are fanatical extremists? I feel like my government abandoned me or worse hates me, ignoring how good I am doing and how hard I have worked.

    Even our churches do not trust us once the detectives bad mouth us. Yet behind the scenes is a fraternal lodge sponsored by the KGB. An arrogant lodge that does not believe in the American Way, merely pretending to believe while secretly hateful, insensitive communist defectors who study our laws to hide as lawful while conducting organized crime their fraternity decided to abuse and destroy.

    I wish President McCarthy was here to request aid. He acknowledged our entire country being under infiltration by foreign USSR agencies using american traitors. Now these traitors overtook every institution and they all play dumb while killing us. Many americans are raised by them to think being a tyrant is being american, clueless to how terrible their behavior is.

    Thank you for your prayers. I feel incredibly alone.

    May 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm #31926

    if your confortable I can give you my emaial and we can talk more

    May 18, 2017 at 1:36 pm #31927

    I would defiantly like to here your story.

    May 18, 2017 at 3:15 pm #31931

    This is a good forum to dialogue.

    May 18, 2017 at 3:20 pm #31933

    OK the issue is I’m more able to get to my email easyer but this is fine.

    May 19, 2017 at 12:25 am #31944

    I’ve stated quite much to respond to as is!

    Conversation is welcome.

    May 19, 2017 at 8:14 am #31950

    OK,I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. but yes

    May 20, 2017 at 1:03 am #31961

    I am doing incredibly well. I have worked hard to better myself. I have kept my promise to the judge, the hospital and the drug program. Yet I face my entire future being trashed by a gang of fanatical thugs who honestly think getting us killed and destroying us is detective work. They lynch us under the color of law like a hitlist of americans to destroy. This police state is a sanctuary for this organized crime cult of “justice”. These hateful fanatics are not justice they are terrorism and persecution. I want to be a productive american and am doing well and having a gang of hateful sheriff with a vendetta slandering me and scheming to frame me for a personal vendetta should be illegal. Why is the mafia running our local law enforcement here in Los Angeles?

    They do not protect me. I do not feel safe living in this extremist, fanatical, persecuting police state.

    May 20, 2017 at 10:09 am #31969

    I’m so sorry!!!!!! I will defiantly be praying for you

    May 21, 2017 at 1:51 am #31986

    What advice can you offer?

    I am abused by this police industry daily. They have warrants to interfere with my internet and they overdub the audio of what I view to threaten and terrorize me. No one knows this crime exists because these thugs operate behind state secrets. These are the hallmark brats my step parents sponsored into the security clearance community to be a part of their snotty organized crime faction who pretends they are the good guys while abusing, dehumanizing and torturing us, besides framing us and leaking state secrets to their communist sponsors from Asia.

    I am welcome to advice if loving advice. No hate speech.

    God bless you friend.

    May 21, 2017 at 8:43 am #31992

    I’v been praying so much for you. Just keep relying on God to be there for you

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