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    September 13, 2017 at 11:07 am #33825

    Hello, Friends!
    I hope that you’re all having a great day.

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    I’m not feeling too great that the moment. I have recently started Sixth Form College here in the United Kingdom the people there are people who I am familiar with, so it’s not like I’m getting used to new people, but I wish I there was, so I have a chance to meet some new people, because knowing these people for 5 years or even 11 years for the people that I knew from primary school (Elementary School).
    On to my point. We have a school have a celebration day to celebrate our patron saint (We’re a Catholic High School and College.) The Lower years Year 7-11 ( 6th- 10th Grade in the United States) They do an event in schools such as outdoor obstacle courses or that sort of thing. The Sixth form years 12 and 13 (11th-12th Grade) have a mass with the lower years, but then we go out to the nearby City or Town’s where drinking may be involved with the celebration of St Wilfrid.
    Year 12 and 13 have made a group chat and everyone has been added to plan what they’re going do, but I wasn’t and I’m not feeling too great about and I feel like I’m not invited to join in. I am an introvert and I have always avoided social situations, because I’m very socially awkward and I find it hard to talk to people that I never really go to know or new people and doing this from Year 7 I’m seen as like a bit of a weirdo, not the worst one there are people who are seen worse than me, but with people knowing me like that for 5 years it’s really hard to improve that reputation and I was kind of a Teacher’s pet, not extremely, but I always wanted to get my work done and pay attention when it’s important and I feel like that has paid off because I’ve passed 7 out of 8 of my GCSE’s. There are people that know from being in the same form and I’ve talked to them before, so I do know them but now enough and I feel if I want to work on that more, but I always felt it was too awkward.
    I feel like I want to work on this, but I don’t know how to fix this and grow relationships and I don’t have much confidence. As I have said before there are plenty of people that I know, but the people that I a comfortably talk to is limited and even they say that I act strangely at times which didn’t make me feel great.
    Sorry for the giant chunk of text, but it’s the best way of getting how I really feel out.
    If I forgot to mention anything I will post an Update.

    P.S: I’m looking forward to looking at your responses. Thank you!

    September 15, 2017 at 10:45 am #33876

    Hi Adam,

    I can relate to being socially awkward. I am not much of a conversationalist. I WANT to be able to chat up strangers and get to know new people, but unless I really click with them, I never have much to say besides “How are you?” or something to that degree. At times I can’t think of much to say even when I’m with people I know. I think it’s due to being an introvert, the way I’m wired. So, I’ve come to accept it. But it still sucks cause I wish I wasn’t that way. My memory is getting worse (I think a result of chronic stress). So, sometimes it is hard for me to “find” the words I want to use, even when I know what I want to say. Which doesn’t help matters. All that to say, I can relate. You aren’t alone.

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