• gjhfgdjg
    May 19, 2017 at 2:08 am #31945

    When the Sheriff’s Department drives americans they label a suspect to suicide from endless decade long sting operations and unfair targeting; they should be held accountable for premeditated murder. Every law enforcement should learn the meaning of the word “accountability”.

    These detectives and law enforcement agencies lie and change their story to target us endlessly for personal vendettas which are extremism. They are legally allowed to attempt murdering us under the color of law, the color of an investigation, the color of public safety. The cruelty, clandestine crime, know it all arrogance, error, harassment, shameless manipulation of courts and public, calculated slander is criminal. Yet the law enforcement industry has become a sanctuary industry for hateful arrogant thugs who have no qualm lying to themselves and believing they are the good guys/gals.

    The law enforcement is the one safe industry a murderer and hate motivated abuser can harm us and enjoy public trust, support and belief in court.

    I am working hard to preserve my mental health. The cruel overbearing constant sniping of psychological warfare by liar investigators who are quiet criminals and endless intrusion and lack of safety or respect for our rights is dangerous towards us as victims. This entire industry has become a swamp of crime and fraudulent nazi trash.

    Is this a communist state? Why is organized crime and corruption, error and cruelty in control of our government? Why is the press a propaganda arm to protect public trust in this terrorism ridden industry?

    Why are police and federal agents allowed to practice terrorism against americans?

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