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    To Add a Photo:

    Since HeartSupport uses a WordPress plugin for it’s forums it’s quite simple to add a photo and edit your profile information.  Each person becomes a WordPress “subscriber” to heartsupport.com, therefore if you are already a Wordpress user you can simply log into the forums using your email address and log-in information.

    If You’ve Registered Already for the Forums (And want to add a profile photo):

    1. Go to http://www.gravatar.com/
    2. To sign-up and get an avatar (photo), use the email address you used to sign up for the forums on heartsupport.com and choose a password.
    3. Upload a photo of your choosing
    4. Gravatar will link to your account you signed up for on heartsupport.com and add it!
    5. To edit profile information, simply click on the “Howdy, ________” in the upper right-hand corner of heartsupport.com and choose “Edit My Profile”
    6. You’re done!

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