• Need_help2705
    August 10, 2017 at 3:08 pm #33423

    Hi guys, I just wanted to leave one of my poems here.. For anyone who is struggling and thinks that they’re alone. This poem is for you.. I’ve recently started writing so I don’t have much experience.. But I hope it makes a positive difference in someone’s life.. Stay strong guys… (You guys can give me some feedback if you feel it necessary.)

    The thief.
    There’s a thief inside, who steals my time.
    It has no face but thrives in the warmth of my embrace.
    It takes any form, shape shifting to and fro, dancing mockingly at my destruction.
    Who are you? What do you want from me? I scream.. My only pleas are muffled. What can be heard is, but a pathetic whimpering whisper.
    Malice… Rotting.. Pestilence… Is all I see, everywhere, almost unavoidable.
    It’s sad that we are devoid of truth. The thief finds it’s way around every nook and corner. Nothing is hidden. It seeks to pull me further in the depths of despair.. Will I ever repair?
    Take me now, why don’t you.. There’s nothing here for me… This fear has begun to cloud my vision, I’m too damn proud to admit.
    One thing is for sure, I would never submit.
    Thief why do you lie and manipulate?
    I refuse to be your perfect design.
    With my time line depleting, I realise that dying would be giving up control.
    I am beyond console.
    Societys rationality is unreasonable.
    You all callously have no empathy. The broken are cast away.. To my dismay.. I contemplate.. Is it too late?

    September 7, 2017 at 9:19 am #33726

    Hi Need Help,

    You are a talented writer. Are you talking about depression in this poem? I like the imagery of a thief coming to destroy; that’s what depression feels like on the inside. Thanks for posting! Hopefully it’s helped others feel less alone. 🙂

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