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    September 7, 2017 at 9:52 am #33728

    In another post I mentioned that I have to stay late from work once a week because my ride doesn’t leave until then. When I went into my classroom after my meeting the other day (when I had to stay late), I could smell the cleaning solution that had been used to clean my room. I am very sensitive to fragrances. They can cause me to feel sick, have headaches, be nauseous, and make it hard to focus. They just make me feel “off.” After the video reply the guys did on here, I felt more hopeful. Less alone.

    Being that I’m an introvert, having my own space, especially one free of fragrances, is important to me. A director knows about my fragrance issues. She’s been so understanding and helpful in that respect, telling people in my car pools not to wear perfume or other scented things. Such a blessing. But, when I told her about how I reacted to the fragrance from the cleaning solution in my classroom – asking if my room could be cleaned after I leave, or another day, she said no. (She explained why, but no need to get into it).

    I feel defeated. It already effects me mentally, having to stay later. On top of having to stay late, I don’t even have my “own space”/classroom to be while I wait. I don’t tell people that often about my fragrance issue, and thus have to just “suck it up”, because I don’t want to be a bother or an inconvenience. In this situation, I felt like I was being irrational to ask to have my room cleaned at a different time. But I said something. I already had enough stress with staying late. So, I was trying to lessen yet another burden, to no avail. I feel more stressed and exhausted than before.

    On a side note, I’ve lived overseas the past five years. I love my job. I feel called here. But, for several reasons, last spring I started struggling with being here. Since coming back from my trip to the States in August, I’ve struggled even more. So this situation is just one more thing to add to the list.

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    Okay so this somewhat sounds like a situation I myself am in on a daily bases at my school. I have a lot of health issues and allergies. Not always can I control what other do or eat around me. I am also very sensitive to smells and such. Here is my way of dealing with it. I own what is called a Vog mask. It is kind of like a medical mask that can be warn to keep germs and smells from a person. They are not the cheapest but they arent too expensive. If it is smell that is bothering you that could maybe help some. It is a wonderful thing.

    I am sorry this is going on but sometimes in life we need to find ways to deal with the issues we have yes it sucks we cant be accommodated but sometimes that is hard. I personally will say I have multiple disabilities and am always having to ask for stuff to be changed for me and it is very frustrating when it doesnt happen or the person says I wont.


    September 10, 2017 at 4:02 am #33765

    Hey Ash,

    I actually bought a vog mask. (It’s almost too small, but would work.) I just feel too self conscious to wear it. I’d rather just cover my nose with my hand or deal with it. I usually try to just deal with it. In this particular situation, it’s just the fact that I have a “double whammy” : I have to stay late that one day AND my classroom usually is my “safe space”.

    I appreciate your encouraging words of support. 🙂

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