Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Christian Organization?

The short answer is yes.

We are registered with the IRS as a religious, not-for-profit entity. Granted, our mission is in the realm of mental health, addiction, and recovery but we base what we do on key Christian ideals (like loving your neighbor and helping them). We realize many “Christians” have treated others poorly and with condemnation, so we strive to change that. We don’t shove our beliefs down anyone’s throat, and all are welcome to explore healing regardless of their background without fear of a bait and switch. No one is required to believe as we do or live a certain lifestyle to receive help. We genuinely just want to help people.

You can review our beliefs and why we do what we do here.

I understand you work in the metal industry. My pastor/parents/friend/dog/canary said metal music is evil.

Beginning in the 1980’s many well-intentioned people (as well as the government) linked metal music to Satanic Panic, due to the aggressive style of music being played and themes that dealt with topics many people weren’t comfortable with. Because of the way many dressed and stigma associated with the genre, it was assumed that if you listened to metal, you inadvertently worshiped Satan. At the same time, many new rap groups emerged (NWA, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Beastie Boys) exploring themes in their music the populace wasn’t comfortable addressing either. Because metal dealt with the angst, pain, and hopelessness we can each experience in life, whereas rap dealt with issues of systemic injustice and racial profiling, the metal genre’s stigma was linked to extreme violence and satanic cult rituals.

Within the metal industry, it is true that many flock to metal and hardcore as a place to release their anger, but is not true that a style of music is evil simply because of the way it sounds. Imagine if pop music was suddenly labeled satanic. That would be absurd.

At HeartSupport, it is important to note that we recognize no difference between the sacred and the secular. If God created the universe (as we believe) then he would have had to create music. What people do with music is up to them. What people do with food is also their decision. It can be used for good, or it can be detrimental. People can use a style of music to build people up, or to tear them down.

To label a certain style of music and people as “evil” or “satanic” is purely ignorant. To label music as Christian/Islamic/Buddhist is misinformed as well. Music doesn’t have a soul, so therefore it cannot be “Christian/Islamic/Buddhist” as it would be against the teachings of major religions and their views on the human soul and salvation. It is merely a song that talks about God or it does not. But even songs that don’t talk about God can often point to something that resonates deep within our soul that can be an imprint of the divine.

We believe many of the themes in metal point to something greater, but also know there are many inside the industry lost and without hope. To write off an entire genre, simply because one would view it as evil, is, in itself, is a gross evil. It teaches people that those we view too far gone or different than us aren’t worth befriending and helping. We would rather be a light in dark places than write off our fellow man.

Can you support/partner with my organization/mission/project?

You’ve probably noticed we’ve partnered with other organizations. These have been long and ongoing mutual relationships in which each group has brought certain abilities, resources, finances, or talents that benefit both HeartSupport and the other organization.

That being said, if you are an organization looking to partner with us, please send your pitch along with incentives, vision and mission of the organization, and specifics of the partnership to Taylor Palmby at [email protected]. Partnership DOES NOT mean we just like the work that one another does, but we’re actively involved in giving back towards one another.

If you are an individual looking for a financial donation (examples include mission trips, school projects, a friend’s health care costs) or you want us to use our social media to support your cause, we unfortunately, have to decline. Due to the amount of individual requests, were we to oblige to everyone we would have no money and our social media would simply be a playground for people asking others to support their cause as opposed to promoting the mission we are after at hand. We promise this doesn’t mean we don’t like you or think you or your cause is not important, but we have to stay true to our mission as well and believe that if you work hard and put in the effort toward your mission, you’ll knock it out of the park without our help.

Will Jake check out my band’s album?

The short answer is no.

Early on, August Burns Red asked that we keep HeartSupport and the band separate as to not blur the lines. Granted the band has been fully supportive, but HeartSupport is not August Burns Red, nor do we pretend to know the in’s and out’s of the music industry.

Jake does not want to blur the lines either between what his band does and what he’s doing here at HeartSupport. Yes, we want to partner with musicians, but those that specifically want to bring awareness about addiction, hurt, and struggles to the forefront. The focus isn’t their music, but how to help their fans.

Can my band partner with HeartSupport?

Many bands have asked to use our logo in their music videos, wear our clothing on stage, or hand out cards or information at their shows. We love hearing they want to help their fans and carry the message.

If you’re a touring band and would like to partner with our efforts, please contact Taylor Palmby at [email protected] and pitch how you’d like to carry our message on your tour or do a video interview.

Please Note: We receive numerous requests from up and coming bands to promote their music videos looking to expand their audience. Typically, we do not partner in these requests because they’re more about partnering to expand their music using Jake Luhrs’s influence as opposed to reaching our demographic and furthering our mission.

Can I book Jake/members of HeartSupport to come speak at my school/organization/church?

Yes! Part of how we raise awareness and fundraise for the organization is through speaking. In order to book a speaker for your event please have the person in charge of the event fill out the Speaker’s Event Request Form on the following page:

How can I join the team/get a job with HeartSupport?

HeartSupport is still lean, mean, and growing.  We are currently not hiring but make announcements when we do. In the meantime, we encourage you to get involved in our masterclass and then volunteer. One reason we encourage people to get involved before applying for a job is that you may realize that heartsupport isn’t the place for you, and that’s okay. We want you in a job you’re completely passionate about, and if heartsupport isn’t a win for you, then it wouldn’t be a win for us either.

Do you offer internships?

Yes and no. We offer a Masterclass that is direct training by the staff of HeartSupport and lasts a year. Afterwards, we release our students to volunteer in deeper aspects on the organization or pursue their passion with the training they received.

I want to write for HeartSupport. How does that happen?

We encourage people to share their stories on our community support wall. This helps others hear their story and receive positive affirmation while letting others know they’re not alone and that each story is unique.

In regards to writing for the blog, we’re always looking for gifted writers. However, we have an extremely high standard and often turn people down. The reason why is that our blog is one of the most read pages and is key to encouraging others in their journey. We’re searching for skilled writers and communicators with clear grammar. If that’s you, click here to find out how to submit your piece to HeartSupport. Best of luck!

Can I partner my business or company with HeartSupport?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, we have quite a few partnerships with some amazing organizations. You can find out more by clicking the button below.