COVID-19 Resources

(We’re out of toilet paper though) 😉

let’s face it

self-quarantine sucks

Even the introverts are not okay (we promise) and the extroverts are climbing walls. But during this pandemic, you can grow and discover new ways to connect and thrive. Below is content we’ve put together as well as live stream schedules that range from exercise to chatting to special guests/musicians.

Join us on Twitch and Instagram Live

Weekly Live Streams

(All times are in Central Standard Time CST & updated weekly)


  • 12pm-2pm: HeartSupport Stream
  • 3pm-6pm: CaseyScreamsBack


  • 12pm-2pm: Gaming (DanMakesHisMark)
  • 3pm-7pm: Creative Encouragement (DanMakesHisMark)


  • 12pm-2pm: HeartSupport Stream
  • 3pm-7pm: Creative Encouragement (DanMakesHisMark)


  • 12pm-2pm: CaseyScreamsBack
  • 3pm-7pm: Creative Encouragement (DanMakesHisMark)


  • 12pm-2pm: HeartSupport Stream
  • 3pm-6pm: CaseyScreamsBack

Take action with your peers on our support wall

Check Out Our Master List of Next Steps

We’ve created a master list of actions steps you can take on our Support Wall!  Whether you feel isolated, struggling with the ramifications of the coronavirus, or are feeling anxious, our list will help you take steps towards better mental health along with the support of your peers.

Need to share what you’re going through during quarantine? Text the word “heartsupport” to (512)-647-2871


Download free coloring pages

Explore Your Creativity


Our very own Dan (from Dan Makes His Mark) has put together free coloring pages for download. Print them off and then let your creativity run wild. Who knows, you might just forget that you you’re coloring in your PJs for the 3rd day in a row 🙂

Practical Self Care Tips

A quick tip to calm your anxiety

Get in a Routine During Quarantine

Get organized During quarantine

3 Tips To Help With Anxiety

Additional videos can be found on our youtube playlist

Taylor is leading free Instagram Live sessions

get your exercise on & Feel better

Our very own Taylor Palmby is leading Instagram Live training sessions throughout the week. While many of us are stuck indoors or lacking access to a gym, each workout will help you sweat and get the endorphins you need to help your mental state of mind.

Practice Gratitude

And get a 10-25% return


Five minutes of gratitude every day is proven to increase a person’s happiness by 10-25 percent, which is more than if you’re income was doubled. That may sound difficult to do given the current circumstances, but people who’ve started this practice in the lowest periods of their lives have seen significant changes. What do you have to lose?