Dr. Cara Loraw

Cara Loraw is a licensed clinical psychologist at Move Forward Counseling. She completed her post-doctoral residency with a specialization in cognitive-behavioral therapy, and currently assists in the recovery of individuals struggling with eating disorders, PTSD, and grief. In her work with clients, she has found a tremendous amount of hope in the human capacity for resilience, making it the cornerstone of her therapeutic approach. She is passionate about teaching her clients how to embrace their grit and self-compassion, and is consistently in awe of the growth and strength she sees in her clients. In addition to her work in private practice, Cara has enjoyed teaching undergraduate classes, providing training to mental health professionals, and presenting research on early intervention for serious mental illness. As a weight lifter and daughter of a former body builder (who still lifts weights much to the horror of his hip surgeon), Cara is proud to partner with Heart Support to provide outreach to Lancaster County through YourLife Gym.