You deserve some rest

I don’t know how your summer is shaping up, but mine has been crazy busy. We spent the first few weeks of June making road trips to another town to find an apartment, and then we took off for a vacation. We dropped our bags on a Tuesday and just a few short days later, we headed off for a six-hour drive to see my husband’s family in Odessa. The week we returned was also the week we were making our move.

Now, somewhere in there, we’ve had tons of fun. We fished the Gulf of Mexico and went snorkeling. We took pictures with colorful welcome signs and overall, had a blast.

With all the changes happening around us, we’ve realized that we’ve marked one year of marriage and one year working at new jobs. As much as that deserves inshore fishing trips and a week at the beach, it also means we deserve some rest.

The thing is I’m a saltwater girl. It’s in my veins to be near the ocean, and the first two days of our vacation, we charged nonstop into activities because I was so excited to be back around the shore. We crashed into bed after midnight those first couple of days and started early to beat the sun and crowds. Then something awful happened on day three.

I woke up with a painful migraine that pounded behind my left eye. I spent most of the day in our hotel room with the curtains drawn to make it as dark as possible in the room. In between naps, I would wake up and hear flip-flops slapping in the hallways, people going to do awesome and fun things. I hated myself for making us lose a day on our vacation. Then I realized that I had wildly run through our first couple of days of what was supposed to be a break from our already busy lives. That rush had triggered a tearing migraine and a reminder that I needed to slow down.

Don’t forget to relax this summer. My summers have always been busy with internships and planning for my next semester of college, but it’s equally important that you find some time to rest. You deserve it. Maybe you’ve just finished your first year of college. Maybe you’ve just graduated. Maybe you’ve had the hardest year of your life.

You deserve this.

Slow down. That might look differently for all of us. For me, slowing down is about spending a day watching “The Godfather” saga and drinking Dr Pepper in a T-shirt and yoga pants.

This world is good about pushing us to work hard to get ahead. But you’re allowed a break. You’re allowed a breath. Take some time this summer to recharge your body and mind. You were created to do wonderful things that sometimes require a lot of hard work. My prayer is that you will have the energy to do it.

Jesus said, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place. Mark 6:31-32

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