We’re Available to Speak at Your Event!

We get it. Talking to people or large groups about addictions, emotional pain, pornography, sexual abuse, depression, religiosity or even the bible can be difficult. Whether you’re a non-profit, church, youth group, organization, or whatever we’d love to help you.

Both Jake Luhrs and Ben Sledge are well-versed in communication and teaching and can aide you in any topic you have in mind.

-To hear one of Ben’s talks go here

*Please note that Jake Luhrs is available for a number of different events but has limited availability because of his touring schedule with his band.

To book Jake or Ben please email Michelle Truax at [email protected] or use the form below!

Fill out my online form.

  • Thomas

    Awesome!!! I am definitely looking more into this!!

  • cory balch

    i would love if they spoke at my church. (gateway) i am nates friends at church