Warped Tour Journal: July 1st

This is Jake checking in on Warped Tour here, and it’s been extremely hot these past few days!

Pheonix and Las Vegas were the hottest of the tour! In Las Vegas we had a friend actually capture the tempature of the cement the festival was on and it read to be 158 degrees!

There were at least 6 ambulances sitting outside of festival at all times. I saw at least 3 fire trucks fly up to the festival in a rush to help aid the 200 plus kids who had to be rushed to the ER for dehydration.


In my opinion it was too hot for a festival of that size, but we made through it all. I have a one-gallon jug I walk around with doing my best to stay hydrated; unfortunately by the time I got up on stage, I was in no shape to play the entire set with the energy needed. Towards the end I started to get dazed and was feeling quite weak.

 Jake Scream

 August Burns Red’s album Rescue and Restore was just released on June 25th, and it has been received really well by our fans and others coming to Warped Tour. One kid came up to me at the Heart Support tent and told me that his mother unfortunately passed away a few months back. He told me that the song “Beauty and Tragedy” (track on Rescue and Restore) has been helping him cope with the tragedy of his mother. I was sad to hear this news; however, I was very thankful that our music was able to help him and encourage him through such a tough time in his life. It’s stories like this that affirm that what I’m doing out here, even through the heat and hard times of being a touring musician, that it is all worth it.


The heart Support tent has been getting a huge amount of publicity and respect around the tour. The crew and other bands have been extremely encouraging towards us and have helped however they can. The kids are starting to see that there is more than just music at Warped Tour, that there is actually a community of people who want to help and give. For all you at home that are a part of Heart Support, I thank you for being involved here and being accepting to these kids we are reaching out here. For when they go home from Warped they can get online and meet people who will listen and not judge, people who will not shame but uplift: a community of honesty and love. This has been a super busy time in my life working ABR and Heart Support each day, but it’s been an amazing experience and one that is making a difference.

HS Tent

Being at the Heart Support tent has been an extreme high for me! After meeting kids who have shared stories with us about family issues, struggles in addiction or feeling depressed, I’m glad that we have a “home” to send em to–Heart Support that is.


Keep you guys posted with more updates about what is happening on the grounds of this years Warped Tour!



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  • Sam

    God is going to do amazing things through you, Jake. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  • Miles

    God bless you man. You are an inspiration.

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