Wanna Come Over and Feed my Dog? He May Eat You.

As the pit bull population rises, more human fatalities ensue. During the last eight-year period (1991-98) that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied fatal attacks by breed, pit bulls were estimated at 1 percent of the U.S. dog population. Pit bulls killed an average of three people per year.

The pit bull population has since grown to 4 percent. During the most recent eight-year period (2005-12), pit bulls killed an average of 19 people per year.

If the current rate of fatalities inflicted by pit bulls continues, 33 Americans will lose their lives to pit bulls by the end of 2013.



How do these statistics make you feel about Pit Bulls?

Does it change your mind about the breed of dog? It probably doesn’t make you want to adopt a pit bull or even encounter one. And reviewing these statistics, we can easily develop a fear towards that specific breed of dog.

Sure, we can use these statistics and raise awareness about how aggressive the breed can be and see their potential in harming a human being, however we can’t base this statistic on every single pit bull.

What is does do though is give us the idea or image that ALL pit bulls are aggressive, vicious, relentless, or “killers”. And this type of portrayal induces fear. We now have knowledge of something we should fear.

What you may not know is that I’m actually the proud owner of two Pit Bulls. One of my dog’s name is Macy. I adopted her from a shelter where she had previously been used as a “Bait” dog. That’s when they tie a dog up to a tree and let other pit bulls attack them for “practice”.  She is older, very shy, carries scars on her face and mostly keeps to herself. My other dog is a gladiator we call “Leviticus” (or “Levi” for short). He is a 90-pound, brindle haired, hazel eyed pit bull. The type you would typically imagine a pit bull would look like, made of pure muscle and a head the size of a professional NFL football.


So your question to me then based on the way they look and background would be “Are they aggressive? Are they fighters???” The answer? Nope. Protective over their owners? Sure, just like every other dog. So what’s their one big flaw then you ask?

Gluttony. They love to eat, and they will do anything to get a crumb of food.

Every morning I wake up and feed my two gluttonous pit bulls. And every morning when I present Levi with his bowl of food, he jumps as high as he can in the air trying to pop the food bowl out of my hand. He then sits and stares me down, waiting for my command, as he foams from the mouth with anticipation.  First, I will usually tell him to sit. Then I will tell him to “stay”. Finally, I put the bowl down and tell him to “wait.” I usually make him sit there for about 5 whole seconds (which is decades in a dig’s mind) until I say “OK!” Only then can he run over to the bowl and do his dirty deed of inhaling small pebbles of Nutro.

Now, my question is this. Imagine I invited you over, sat you down and proceeded to tell you horrible statistics about pit bulls killing children, dogs, and small animals and then asked you to feed Levi (who looks like he can digest a small human), would you?

First, do you know him and his personality? The information I presented you with about this particular breed probably has you convinced he’s a bad one.

When Levi growls and barks because of excitement would you know how to handle it or assume he’s going to bite you? Dogs can sense fear on people, so your feelings would be quite clear to Levi and just like meeting someone you have a preconceived opinion about, it might not be the best time to begin that relationship.

The truth is, you aren’t prepared to feed Levi, don’t know where his food is, how he’s going to act, know his personality, and the information you’ve got is just that. Information. It’s not the actual dog.


A person recently wrote into HeartSupport saying they were going to school to be a nurse but “feared that they wouldn’t be good enough for the job.

This is a fear of the unknown. Something you haven’t even been exposed to. And the information told to most nurses is that it’s “hard” and they “won’t all make it”. And it’s exactly what it would be like if you received the information about my pit bull and was then told to feed him. Your fear begins to control your actions.

And that fear of my dog or really the circumstances and not knowing where to start, is a fear that will hold you from committing to something. Each of us has to to start taking chances, chasing risks, believing in ourselves, and knowing that fear is usually the reason why people don’t commit. And our thought processes about that which we haven’t experienced often betray us: “I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to get hurt. How am I suppose to get there when I don’t even know where to start!”.

Fear is often the reason why we don’t take the plunge into the unknown and scary. “But what if I die alone?”  “That would means I’d have to give up my life here in this safe environment” And we rationalize it and tell ourselves “I don’t think I could live like that, its just not me”.

We let fear speak for our lives rather than facing them and stepping out in faith. This is why so many in our generation have “dreams” but don’t have lives.

We tell ourselves we aren’t prepared and maybe we’re right. Maybe we aren’t prepared…yet….but that does not give us an excuse to walk away from something we feel burning within us and is a part of the way we’re wired. There is no journey or adventure in having something handed to you. The journey and adventure is working to get there, and fear tries to detour us from truly living.

So, are you gonna come over and feed my dog Levi? Are you going to chase your goals and aspirations? Or will fear once again have you saying “NO”.

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  • Nathan Mendyk

    This is the part when we start talking about our dawgs, after we say that it is a good message.(It’s a good message)

    • jacobluhrs

      Do you have a dawg?

      • Nathan Mendyk

        Yes, she’s a Golden Pyrenees, cutest thing in the world, she also snores.

        • jacobluhrs

          My two pit bulls snore and sometimes it can get out of control. Bully breeds tend to have pig like features curly tail, snorting, smell bad. you know.

  • guy21

    One thing has helped me to overcome many fears-i live each day as it was my last one. Each day when i head to sleep, i ask myself-did i did everything i could to help myself and others today ?

    In just 3 weeks unreal breakthrus have been happening. Health, career and relationships. When a person is fearful, depressed or just insecure, it can be felt in the air.
    People are drawn to confident and kind people.

    It is the Holy Spirit who is changing me, not my “good will.” My own heart is quite cold and still i regularly sin.

    Fear disables.

    • jacobluhrs

      Thats great to hear man! That is a good way to live life and to hear that it’s changed your relationships, career and health shows that it’s doing great things. Keep it up and thanks for reading the blog!

  • Jacob Allenwood

    awesome man. the biggest thing getting in your way is your own head.

    I remember playing baseball and not being the best player. But then my stepfather drilled into my mentality, that I am going to smash the ball every time i get up to the plate. Instead of seeing a pitch and deciding I was going to swing at it, I had to decide If I WASNT going to swing at it. I was so ready, I was begging the pitcher to throw me a strike, just give me a chance to hit it.
    Once I changed my mentality from ‘hmm I don’t know, yeah this one is the one maybe I should swing’ to ‘I dare you to give me one in the strike zone, oh man that’s too far out, i guess i’ll hold back’ it completely changed my results. Despite my average to small size, I started hitting cleanup, hitting after a kid who was 100 pounds bigger than me. People from the other team would sometimes laugh when they would see me walk up hitting 4, but my mentality had me hitting the ball. Every. Single. Time.
    Great article dude. It’s all in your head! If you can break free of your own prison then life will be a lot different!

  • Ginger Wesolowski

    Wow! I’m amazed again how awesome our God is! Nothing in our lives happens by chance. It was truly a divine appointment for me to be the one to cut your hair. After a long, hard battle of fear totally controlling me I’ve finally let it go. The past six years fear controlled every waking minute of my life. I was pretty much like a deer standing in front of head lights on a dark isolated road. One of my best friends was brutally murdered by her adopted 15 yr old son. Both of my grandparents died suddenly, my mother shot and killed herself, I went through a divorce after 15yrs of marriage then married a man who physically abused me and attempted to kill me. All of which led to serious depression, anxiety, abandonment, an addiciton to pills, because I took them to try and make the pain go away, and a serious attempt to take my own life. Each and every step I took to turn it all around was like walking straight through hell to get to the other side….fear controlled me the entire way. But with each step I cried out to God for the strength to get through it. A month ago I was finally delivered from fear. It was when I took my eyes off of my past and started helping the broken people all around me that I was finally able to let it go. Now I feel like I can breathe because I’m able to find rest in the Holy Spirit that dwells inside me and I’m able to be still and hear God. Dying to self is one of the hardest things to do but the other side of yourself is where you can really FEEL God! One of the verses that helped me to finally have peace is. 1John 4:16 ‘God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him’. If you really meditate on that verse it actually releases the fear in you.

    After a long hard journey through through the wilderness this is what I learned. I hope it helps someone in letting the fear go.

    Don’t look at the entire staircase that you will have to climb to get to where you need to be. Satan will use that to scare you and intimidate you. Keep your eyes open, put on the full armor of God and ask for strength to climb the first step. In time, the others will follow, tackle them moment by moment, so you don’t get overwhelmed. It will seem like it’s taking forever, but God’s timing isn’t our timing. Count on there being setbacks along the way. Because you can be sure Satan will be throwing darts at you the entire time. Have faith, and trust God, because He will use those setbacks as setups. Remember He turns ALL things to good. Again, keep your eyes open and watch God do a miraculous work in you along the way!

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