The Women’s Project

Hello ladies of HeartSupport!

We are starting a new section within our community specifically for women. Recently, we’ve noticed that there are a lot of young women coming to the site longing for encouragement and a sisterhood and a place where they’re able to unveil the feminine heart.

This section will have blogs written by women on the struggles and issues of being a women along with the great joys and pleasures of being a women! Along with our other outlets, this with be a place for the women at heartsupport to have a deeper rooted community with one another.

But we need your help!
Beautiful girls ..

We need strong female leaders to help guide and defend the feminine heart. Any ladies who want to join our women’s TEAM please fill out the following survey at the end of this post. To give you a brief overview, we are looking for young women who want to share their stories, write blogs about their struggles and victories, and those who have a desire to help encourage, influence and inspire others to overcome whatever battle another woman is facing. Most importantly, We need women who are willing to spend quality time with the girls who show up to heartsupport in need of someone to talk with.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our women’s project and being a team member to help the women we have at heart support then please fill out this survey and we will be screening and doing interviews soon! You may notice that many of the questions are faith-based. This is due to the fact we are a faith-based non-profit and we want to have leaders that share our vision. Don’t fret if you’re not a Christian! We still would like you to complete the survey as you may be able to help those who are not faith based and bring fresh perspective to other leaders.

This project is being led by our very own Evonna Surrette. We are so thankful for women like her who give her time and energy to the women of HeartSupport, but now we need more like her!



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