The Fans & I: A Story of Giving


This month’s subject is all about giving. My story is about how people give in ways we don’t necessarily recognize, and how great that impact can be. I’m the vocalist of August Burns Red. I’ve been touring for 7 years. God blessed me with a voice, and a desire to write lyrics and play music. When I first started music I didn’t do it for the glory of God, however, through the years I’ve honestly had the desire to write about God’s love and how He has carried me through my struggles by His grace.


Most musicians pursue a career in their craft to fulfill their own desires. But there’s a spirit of generosity that lies within every artist in this industry. We have this innate desire to share with others — through our music, through the relationships with build, through our fans, etc. Whether it be a 100 kids in a hole in the wall in Tokyo, or 20,000 at a festival in Germany, the fact remains that we wish to connect and share with them. And they wish the same with us. Why? Because we give them something. It’s nothing tangible, or materialistic. Through our music, we give them a feeling, a power, an emotion, a desire. Because of this, I’ve heard many amazing stories of people overcoming addictions, fears, doubts, and personal struggles in their lives. Our music has given them hope. Our music has restored them, rejuvenated them, encouraged them, inspired them. This is amazing, and I thank God for the opportunity to be used in such a beautiful way.




Thus, through our own dreams we have helped inspire others by fully giving ourselves to what we love, and then spreading that love to those in need.




The dynamic in this unique relationship is a give and take. You see, the fans give as well. I’ve had fans give me bracelets, letters, clothing, crosses, etc. to show their love and appreciation. They are the ones who go out and buy our records the day they hit the shelves. They are the ones who buy three shirts at the merch table simply because they want to support us that much. They are the ones who will come to every show they can until we hang our hats. They are the ones that are waiting outside of the club at noon when the doors don’t even open until 7 p.m. They are the ones who have our lyrics tattooed on their bodies. They are the ones who share their stories with us as we share ours with them.




We’ve heard fans tell us that we’ve kept them going, and sure enough, they’ve kept us going as well. This kind of generosity is easily overlooked. I wouldn’t be nearly as thankful as I am if I didn’t have this perspective. I want to encourage all of you to start looking for generosity in unexpected places in your lives. It brings an unparalleled gratitude. Let’s all try to give a little more, and be thankful for those who have given to us.



  • An incredible way of looking at it, keep making amazing music!!!

  • This is why i look up to you, you talked to me a year ago about stuff and dude after you did that it gave me hope that music and my drive to help kids and people with music! so awesome my dude thank you guys!

  • Kevin Thompson

    very true! God has really blessed you guys with the desire to make music, but to have that music impact so many peoples lives! I want to do the same thing with my life… anyway off topic question.. does anyone know when the Luhrs are going to do their relationship questions?

  • Trevor

    I got the chance to meet with you in Grand Rapids, Jake, It was amazing, thank you guys for coming out and spending time with the fans. Bands that do that mean so much to me and the rest of us.

  • Miles

    Jake keep doing what you are doing! You are one hell of an inspiration to me.

  • Beautiful, Jake.

  • That is awesome Jake God bless you see you guys on the 27th I will be rocking out with you guys were walking home into thin air singing!

  • Jesus is Lord! Your a inspirational person to me Jake I love you and your music a lot it uplifts me every day along with Jesus importantly. God bless you! See you soon!

  • Jacobluhrs

    thanks a lot, i appreciate everyone reading. God Bless and I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

  • Jakob


    This was a very awesome blog to read and it’s a fantastic reminder of the past year of my life.

    The impact you’ve had on my life is beyond words and thanks.

    When I got the chance to hang out with you in Seattle (Resurgence Conference) and see you at shows from time to time, give you and your wife that letter, and whatever else I’ve done. It’s not even a drop of the ocean of my gratitude towards you.

    Have an amazing Christmas. Enjoy your time home. Hopefully I’ll see you in Kansas City soon.

  • Your friend

    Well said. I love music and I always see the power God has put in it, so it’s so awesome to see a band like yours (especially since its rare in your specific genre) glorifying God through it. But I also have a question that I have a hard time finding the answer to. Some people I know, and even me, listen to Bands that don’t care about Jesus and feel encouraged by these bands and begin to look up to them. Yet, I see the problems that the messages/lifestyles behind these bands cause. The problem is that every time I try to confront this problem, I KNOW I start getting all religious instead of loving the people I’m speaking to. These people need Christ and I don’t always show it to them. What should I do?