The Broken Piece

We need to speak up!

What do we do when we don’t have the strength to overcome anymore? Do we continue to figure out new ways to fight against our addiction/temptation/struggle?

Maybe we feel we’ve done all that we can do on our own….

We’ve tried saying “no” in our minds. Maybe we’ve even literally walked away from a situation or tried turning off our computers. Our conscious has told us repeatedly and clearly, “Put the bottle of booze down”.  Or perhaps we’ve told ourselves “enough is enough” and walked away from a verbal argument that plays out like a broken record.

But what do we do when we don’t have any more to give in this fight?

We have to speak up.
We have to confess.
We have to admit.
We have to submit.

Society has made it really difficult to have community. I mean real community, not the surface level conversations you have at work or at a social get-together.

Real community is where you can sit down with a friend and discuss deeply rooted heart issues and pain. We were never meant to try and fix this all on our own. Some of us bear horrible pasts or huge addictions to the point that we need others to surround us in loving community and help us overcome the obstacles. The worst thing we can possibly do is live in past pains or addictions.

The tough part is building a community where people are honest enough to bear each others burdens and carry their wounded friends. Most of us think we’re “too messed up” and the people in our communities don’t have an “issues” and so we never share. There isn’t a single person on earth that doesn’t have some sort of issue in their life they wouldn’t want another person knowing about. If you know the guy or girl that never struggles give ’em a big pat on the back and a job well done. Then quickly walk away from them because they’re probably the most prideful person you’ll ever meet in your life.

It takes humility to put yourself in a vulnerable position to discuss your struggles. But if you don’t confess to a close friend and ask for help, then how do you expect to fix what is broken if you are the broken piece?

I say this because I know the importance of honesty, confession, and community. We have to be honest with ourselves when we see that we’re not strong enough on our own. We need to be brutally honest with the people that we seek help from and we need a community of true friendship to be a light in our lives so that we can help one another during the dark times.

This is basically the whole idea behind our community, HeartSupport. To share struggles, learn from one another, while encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters. We have to be a place where we realize we all have issues but together we can become a positive force in each other’s lives and overcome the broken pieces within each one of us.


Think today of someone you know that is close to you and try opening up about some of the things you struggle in life. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. We have to start somewhere. Why not here, why not now?



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  • Logan Patterson

    This is why I love Jacob Luhrs!

    • Jacobluhrs

      Thanks for reading! Thanks for checking out Heart Support.

  • Jamie Strong

    You have an excellent point, but there is one problem. I don’t have a close friend that I cant talk to about these things. With that, what do you suggest?

    • Jacobluhrs

      I suggest talking to people on here about your struggles or issues! Also we do have a young woman who works with our team named amanda. I would reach out to her for ideas, thoughts, opinions and even prayers if you would like.
      Thats what this community is about. Connecting on real, honest and genuine issues of the heart that in other places may be difficult to bring up.
      Thanks for reading and I appreciate you.
      God Bless,

  • Charlie Ellis

    Jake i have been struggling for years with addictions of all kinds and i have been looking for ways to break them! The lord is working within me everyday but everyday is a constant battle! I started watching some of your testimonies and found this website today! what you have said and done has lead me to reading this today and realizing i cant live in this sin! thank you for being so encouraging and i would love to talk to you more about being able to open up to someone on that level cause i just don’t know how? suggestions?? and pumped for the new album and warped tour! You will be hearing from me a lot more now that i have found this website! thank you and God bless:)

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