We provided over 201,493 minutes of encouragement and support to our community this month! I’d like to start October’s update by saying Thank You to all of our Amplifiers in the Sound who chose to increase their monthly giving with HeartSupport. For you, and for all of the others here that Amplify hope, you have our thanks and appreciation. I hope you got my voicemails and thank you cards!


Welcome to our new Amplifiers! Between new monthly donors, and others that chose to increase, we raised our recurring donations by almost $1000/mo! Think of how many lives will be impacted next year through those contributions.


We hope you enjoyed the Love, Maggie videos! We’ll be using them in our year-end fundraiser “Hold on Maggie”- more on that later.


Here’s how your donations impacted the scene this October.

From Kristina Meyers,

who we sent a free copy of our book ReWrite to:


“I’ve been going through my brain and trying to figure out what to say. I don’t normally get emotional when I check the mail but I knew exactly what this was when I opened the package. A couple of absolutely amazing human beings knew that this book was something I needed and sent it to me. In all my years of dealing with mental illness/self-harm/whatever, this is one of the firs times someone has actually said to me, “I know you’re struggling.” Honestly, recovery for me has been one really bumpy ride. I’ve more of less been left entirely to my own devices and have never really had resources to help me get through recover, I’ve always just done things on my own and recover is something you cannot succeed at alone. I know a book can’t fix all my broken pieces but having and reading his book is a million leaps further than I was before. I mean, I love books anyway, but I seriously am going to cherish this thing. Thank you. Seriously, I love you, you beautiful, amazing creatures.

World Mental Health TWITCH STREAM


World Mental Health Day was on October 10th, and our Twitch Stream was there to combat Mental Illness in all of its forms. Dan and Casey interviewed Jake Luhrs about cultural messages about mental health, its consequences, and what we can do to help. # people checked in to join the stream and further the conversation. If you’ve never seen the HeartSupport Live Stream, Dan and Casey would love to have you!

They stream 4-6pm est every M/T/Th/F at


We’ve been working very hard on developing our volunteer team- The Pit. In October, we created a handful of different teams (everything from Photography to Support Wall Counselors) to impact even more people and allow HS to run more smoothly. We’re currently training volunteers who will lead those teams, and we’re hashing out the metrics of how those teams will be successful.

As an Amplifier, you’re automatically welcome to join the Pit! If you’re interested, text thepit to 33222, and you’ll get a volunteer opportunity along with your Sound update every month!


Adrian Estrellaof Assuming We Survive

From Anonymous (FB message):

“I’m not even halfway through ReWrite and I can’t hold back the tears. This book is phenomenal”

From Anonymous:

This is the first time in my life I have ever been able to say this and I wanted to tell you guys first. I know you guys are not professionals but honestly you and the rest of the HS community have helped me more than any professional I’ve been to. Today I am 14 months clean. This is the first time I have been able to say this as last time I went through recovery I made it only about a week past 13 months. Just want to thank Dan and Casey for doing what you do. Love you.

From Adrian Estrella (from the band Assuming We Survive):

“This was the first time I’ve ever opened up to talk about my abusive father- thank you HeartSupport for letting me!”

November Preview

If you keep tabs on our socials media, you’re about to see HS blow up! Starting on #GivingTuesday, HeartSupport will be raising $50,000 to impact thousands of lives in our scene. Email [email protected] if you’d like to jump in!