Our entire staff and board is flying into Austin on September 22nd for our Annual Strategic Meeting, and we’ve all got one thing on our minds: Impacting. More. People. Why you ask?

1 Month Clean: Only the Beginning.


This is Ambrosia. She met Dan and I through Dan and Casey’s Twitch Stream earlier this year, and while she struggled deeply with drug abuse and self-harm, she never hid herself. She told us exactly what she was going through: she wanted to stop, but just didn’t know how.

Shortly after meeting us, Ambrosia hit her rock bottom. In the darkness, she reached out to Dan and I and asked for help. We texted and talked to her non-stop, and because of HeartSupport’s efforts, Ambrosia has now been clean for over a month. She’s regularly attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and truly believes that she will overcome and get better.

Reader, as you read this sentence, consider that there are hundreds of thousands of people just like Ambrosia out there in the world now.

That’s why we’re excited about our plans for 2018 — to launch more initiatives to help more people like Ambrosia.

Speak Your Mind. Amplify Your Voice.

Take this survey and give us your thoughts about how HeartSupport should fulfill it’s mission in 2018 and the years to come. We’ll read every response. We could never do this alone, and we’re so thankful for your help.

Amplify the Sound 2017

After we hash out our Strategic Plan, we’d like to ask all of you Amplifiers to help us put it into effect. In addition to calling our new donors to invite them to donate monthly in the Sound, we’d like to ask Amplifiers to increase their monthly gift in late September/early October. I’ll call each of you in person to ask if you’d like to join us in impacting even more people in 2018 and beyond.

Personal Updates

  • If you’ve been watching the news you know Hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc on our home state of Texas. John actually lives in Houston, so it was quite a week! The ceiling in his office came crashing down during the storm. But Abby and he are very fortunate compared to others in the city- please keep them in your prayers.
  • Nate and Taylor are pregnant with their second child!!!
  • Sadly, one of Ben’s close friends passed away after a long battle with cancer. They served together in Iraq and remained friends often visiting each other during the holidays. Last week he attended the funeral and gave a portion of the eulogy reminding others that this was not the end as his friend was a fellow Christian. The grieving process has been very difficult on the Sledge family and they ask for your prayers as well as over his friend’s family (the Shanahans).