Seasons: Heartsupport examines the holidays, giving, and the meaning behind Christmas for December

Nothing screams “the holidays have started” like people getting pepper maced at WalMart on Black Friday, and during this holiday season there are a lot of things competing for your time and attention.  The air is electric and abuzz with holiday cheer.  Everything and everyone is telling you to SHOP SHOP SHOP.  For others this season can be a lonely time.  For others still it can be confusing or just another way for Christians to ram what they believe down people’s throats.

So what is this “Season” all about?  What’s with greedy people suddenly acting generous?  Why do we even celebrate Christmas the way we do?  How did the tradition behind Christmas start?  What does baby Jesus in manger have to do with anything?  What the heck is Advent???

So this season we want to help explain those types of questions and are interested in hearing from YOU to hear your take on what the holidays mean or stories you find inspirational during this time of year.

As always, email us at [email protected] with your story of giving, generosity, what Christmas means to you, family stories, or whatever story you want to share and feel is appropriate during this “season”.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-The HeartSupport Team