Music is kind of like going to the gym.. it gets you pumped!


What does music do to us? I literally just played a show last night where a kid in the crowd had a tattoo of me on his arm. I was extremely humbled by the fact that m face was on a kids arm for life! Obviously it wasn’t myself who made an impact on him as I’ve never met him before. However the music that I had taken part in writing and the lyrics I’ve written must have brought inspiration and encouragement to his life.. But what does music do to us?


For me I’ve realized that music can bring past memories up. It can bring an explosion of emotions anywhere from the hair being raised off your arms to the warm fuzzy feeling you get and just get all sappy! Haha I don’t know what it is.. but what’s the power of music in your life? Does it encourage you to live out good life choices..


I bring that question up because well… listen to a lot of the gangster rap. What does that teach us? How does it make you feel? I’ll be honest it builds my sense of pride up! Like I’m the boss, no one matters, I’m a tough dude and as I’m listening to the “beat” the lyrics generally have something to do with big booty “hoes” and making money and wearing “ice” … is that Jake Luhrs? … I don’t think so. Haha but something in the music makes me feel a certain way. I’m glad that I don’t apply the lyrics to my life as a sense of rules, laws, or good ideas.


What you are listening to, is it healthy?

Put on City and Colour (an acoustic project) and It brings me back to past relationships… ones I wouldn’t really care to think about. . Isn’t that crazy!

I believe it’s very important to be wise about what you listen to because it whispers in your ears and speaks to you in a way not many other things do or have the power to do. Music can mold and persuade.. It can control, and lean you one way or the other… it’s seriously that powerful.


I think about all of the musicians around the world and the power they have through their music.. and I see how much power they truly have with their words, actions, and their musical ability to make someone feel something… I don’t think I could live with myself if I ranted about money, killing people or telling people their lives are worthless..


I’m just curious… what your thoughts are on music and what it does in your life.

P.S. If you comment please recommend some good music I should check out! My ipod has been the same since 2009 and I’m looking for an upgrade. Thanks.

I also just wanted to share the rest of this story with the kid with my face tattooed on his arm. He was obviously a die hard fan so i asked him to get on stage and I wanted to show the crowd the tattoo and give him great thanks for supporting ABR and myself especially.
We then had him sing along with us during a song called backburner. I’m pretty sure he was as happy about it as I was. A moment I won’t forget.

Kid tattoo face


  • Greg

    “The Ghost Inside” just released a new album this year, it’s very good check it out!

    • Ben

      Get What You Give by The Ghost Inside, a solid hardcore album from beginning to end!

  • Steve Jackson

    For me music pumps me up every morning and helps me reflect on my life. It is the biggest inspiration in my life and it can do one of many things: piss me off, help me step up in wait in the gym, get me through a tough day, helps me focus on my work, or depress me but usually thats from thoughts from my past. When i need to cry because i cant and i need it i know just the right songs to put on to get it out of me and overwith. Then its back to feeling like gold! Music runs my life and in many ways it is how i preach to God and keeps me constantly moving closer to Him! I couldnt survive without my music as pathetic as it sounds but there is nothing more inspiring and relaxing in my world then a beautiful, sick, and epic guitar riff or breakdown! ABR is my playlist and my life! The lyrics flow like a river through my ears and i get asked all the time how i can listen to the music i do because of the “screaming”. I always have the same answer: Turn it up, really listen, and think, otherwise you will never understand! Thanks!

  • Tatiana

    Music to me, is something that is always changing and evolving, but that’s what makes it so good. Depending on how I feel in the morning will usually decide what I listen to for half of the day, usually country nowadays, but I’ll mix in some ABR, ADTR, MMF, OMAM. Most importantly, music to me is something that is personal, and something that one can relate to depending on their mood, but it can also bring new friendships, or even old friendships even closer.

  • nate

    newest ipod additions slightly stoopid, oar, dmb, aild. Also post-rock

  • Dj

    Music is the sound I make when I can’t talk. Music is like the wind to me, I can’t see it but I can hear it and it moves me! I had no intention to sound poetic but I guess I just did… oh well…
    I have my music categorized in playlists: Music to sleep to, wake up to, relax to, worship to, dance to, rock out to, and so on…
    I like to compare new bands with old ones and being a musician myself I listen to a bit of everything so if I may suggest listening to Queen and then listening to FUN. … It should be a good palate cleanser since you’re always surrounded by metal all the time.

    If you haven’t listened to it yet the new Killers is awesome, the new Muse is insane, Keane, Jack White, Mumford and Sons… I’m personally into the oldies right now (no shame!) Hall and Oats, Tears for Fears, Michael Jackson… haha shoot, let me stop right here!

  • Victor

    I guess that music for me is the best way that I have to feel the things that I’m not able to feel in the real life. I mean, of course that when you listen to music you are in real life, but maybe sometimes there are certain feelings that you aren’t used to and music helps you feel. Also, I believe that music can send you to a place that life will never do.

    If I had to recommend you some music, I’d recommend you: Nobuo Uematsu (the compositor of the OST of Final Fantasy videogames) he is definitely a fantastic musician and reminds me for some reason to the way that JB writes your music. He has some piano albums called “Piano Collections” that are excellent.

    And I’d suggest you to check out a band called “Billy Talent”, they are pretty sick too! Their guitars reminds me to ABR too hahah I guess you would like that!

    Greetings from Spain.

  • davefenst

    music helps me sort out emotions. angry sounding music like you guys or Brian “Head” Welch, or Oh, Sleeper helps me get my anger out in a constructive way instead of acting foolish like flipping out on people for no reason. but the lyrics need to be uplifting. good mood music would be ska, celtic punk, worship or some metal. (disciple, skillet, five iron, supertones, dropkick murphy’s)

  • CheloPook

    There is a good hard core band I discovered recently: Redeemer, they are very honest and put a lot of emotions in their music. Especially their song “Still Raining”.

  • Shane W

    Thousand Foot Krutch or Nine Lashes, great music… great lyrics

  • CodyW

    Music for me is so many things, when I don’t know how to handle whats going on a song can bring things into perspective. It can be an escape when things are hectic and busy, i love to just get lost in a song or album. Personally, music speaks to me in so many ways, more like God speaks to me through music and has placed it as an influential part of my life. There have been so many times when I have failed God or going through something where God used a song to comfort and encourage me. My youth pastor in high school always said, if you’re putting trash in you’re gonna get trash coming out.
    and Jake, Aaron Gillespie’s solo album and his work with The Almost are both great, you can never go wrong with Sleeping Giant, For Today or TDWP. Lecrae is a great rapper if you haven’t heard him, and then some slower stuff would be Mat Kearney and I can’t help but mention John Mayer’s last album. Thanks for the always encouraging posts and killer music with ABR.

  • Breanna Sipple

    I love music. Some of my favorites:

    For heart/ worship music that is beautiful:
    The Ember Days, Phil
    Wickham, Ascend the Hill, Aaron Gillespie, Urban Rescue, David Crowder
    Band, All the Sons and Daughters, Page CXVII

    For metal/hardcore:
    Sleeping Giant, August Burns Red, For Today, Wolves At The Gate, Texas In July, Your Memorial, Oh Sleeper, A Past Unknown, Rejoice The Awakening, I, The Breather, Onward Toward Olympas, The Color Morale, and quite a lot of others. Because their music is awesome, it’s worship, my entire day goes better just listening to it, when I feel like punching the devil in the face and reminding him God’s already won so I have victory over whatever is trying to pull me down, and just because it beings me joy and makes me pumped about God and how awesome He is, how much I love him and how worthy He is of all our praise.

    When I want to just be real:
    Least of These, Hundredth, Being As An Ocean, Close Your Eyes, Nothing Til Blood

    For just being in God’s presence and loving Him, deep worship and joyful praise:
    Cory Asbury, Laura Hackett, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson, Matt Gillman, Kim Walker, Misty Edwards, Jesus Culture, Passion, Will Regean/United Pursuit, Unhindered, some Hillsong United

    For rap:
    Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Cam. All Christian artists that make
    me focus on the gospel and living for God and worshipping Him boldly
    with my life. And great workout/running music.

    When I’m sad and just want comfort:
    Kari Jobe, John Mark McMillian, Jonathan David Helser

    When I just want to be sad:
    Bon Iver, William Fitzsimmons, or The Civil Wars

    Christmas music:
    Michael Buble, I, the Breather, August Burns Red, Andrew Belle, Relient K

    Artists that are good that I don’t listen to enough:
    The Gun Show, Sent By The Ravens, Sumerlin, Rush of Fools, Underoath, The Great Commission

    • We’re working on trying to get Lecrae and Trip Lee as a guest interview on site. Try and spread the word to them about HeartSupport!

  • Aaron Legg

    Check out Mat Kearney, Ben Rector, Emery, The Fray, Go Radio, The High Kings(especially these guys), Ivoryline, Monk & Neagle, Mute Math, NEEDTOBREATHE, OneRepublic, Owl City, SafetySuit, Sent By Ravens, and Write This Down. This is basically what I’ve been listening to ALOT lately. If you like a whole range of genres, check whatever you haven’t heard of out!

  • That’s one of the main reasons why I make an effort to restrict the bands I listen to to musicians that live for Jesus. It’ll ensure I’m not being influenced by the world too much 🙂

    Tenth Avenue North, Red, A Bullet For Pretty Boy are some good recommends.

    Godbless brother! ^^

  • Ben

    I just found out about a band from Australia called Twelve Foot Ninja, they’re like a dash of heavy mixed with some serious Latin vibes. Check em out!

  • Isaiah
    • epicarson

      SO stoked for their new album. Amazing singles thus far.

  • Recently i struggled with the whole idea that music can actually influence my life. I’ve always said its cool to listen to whatever you want as long as you don’t make it your own , And God soon sent a revelation my way showing me how powerful music are. I’m a pretty big metal fan, and also an event organizer for local south African bands. And God told me to get rid of anything that’s not glorifying and honorarily him. Time and time again i got myself standing in front of a secular band just looking at the fans, realizing that they are actually worshiping whatever the vocalist screams without even knowing that they are. Even in my own life God showed me some amazing thing music related, one being that I’ve had insomnia for quite awhile now and it just got worse and worse… One day i was walking singing one of my favorite songs “We will never sleep, sleep is for the weak, we will never rest, till we’re all dead” and it’s as if there have been a light bulb lit in my brain, no wonder i cant sleep cause i’m wishing it over my life with the songs i sing. i went home deleted all the negative songs from that band, and till this day i don’t have sleeping problems at all!!

    Thanks for the great article Jake.

  • epicarson

    I took this concept seriously a couple years ago and ‘cleansed’ my itunes of music that had quote unquote bad lyrics, as well as swearing. It’s been a good but painful process. Hard time deleting some blink 182. Thats my childhood right there haha.

    As far as music recommendations: Being as an ocean needs to be heard.

  • Trevor

    Some more metalcore music that I listen to would be Underoath, they really stand out to me because I feel like they are excellent at sending out a message. Other bands would include As I Lay Dying, TDWP, The Overseer, Glasscloud, Texas in July, In Fear and Faith, All That Remains, and more. If you are looking for really soft and relaxing music listen to City & Colour, The Antlers, Citizen Cope and The XX. All of these bands just make me feel better in every way and I’, thankful we have such amazing music in this world.

  • Jacobluhrs

    Yeah some records will never be forgotten, others come and go. Looks like we have a lot of metal, hardcore listeners.. makes sense haha

  • Brandon

    I have been listening to To Speak of Wolves new album non stop since May when it came out. It’s about their vocalist Gage’s parents divorcing and what it did to his life and finding his way back to God. I don’t come from a broke home, but I sure know know a lot of people who have, it reminds me to love the ones who may feel unloved. And encourage others when events in their life go south.

    Also, Haste the Day’s “Attack of the Wolf King” album is one of my favorites too, reminds me of the summer I got it, good memories in that album.

    • Jon

      Hey man idk what all music you get into listening to while your off stage not screaming heart felt, powerful, emotional lyrics to thousand of satisfied fans…but a good metal band you should check out is APOSTATE, they share a similar melodic style like you guys

  • Tyler Y.

    I have been listening to a bunch of La Dispute ( since Wildlife came out and their lyrics just get me. The songs are mainly about things that he has seen people experience or has experienced, and then there are the Here, Hear albums that are collections of poems and make me appreciate music that makes me think about life and think about things. Music has huge power to make people think if they listen to the lyrics instead of just the music. This thinking can result in action or new ways of thought. It’s all very interesting, just tough for me to put down in this comment.

  • Svenja

    I love Mike Mains and the branches, of monsters and men, andrew bell and madi diaz…if you like city and coulor you should totaly check them out 🙂

  • justin

    Dear g-d by Being As An Ocean is incredible.

  • j h

    How does it make you feel when you tour with bands that sing about not so inspiring things?

  • Grant

    I come from a pretty sick instrumental music scene ranging anywhere from videogame trance metal to classical/acoustic fingerstyle playing that toys around with poly-rhythmic structure…..As much as I find some lyrics truly meaningful or poetic, that’s just not an aspect of music which comes easy to me. I wring out all my emotions into the music I write; not really leaving any of them left over to be turned into lyrics where I can attempt to interpret for others what I just felt…I wish I could sometimes though…..Studying classical guitar has helped me grow personally in the discipline of music. I can get lost for hours playing it/using its techniques to write unique material for my band back home…How my passion for writing music is supposed to work into my life I’m unsure of. I would really love to make it to the point of becoming a touring band, however, music might also just be a personal gift from God for me to enjoy. I don’t know; I don’t know if it’s meant to be part of my calling yet..I think so……?

    Here’s some good bands from back home to checkout if you’d like. [all cd’s are free to download, that’s just the kinda community we are]

    Sioum =
    (I suggest checking out their songs ‘Pulse’ and ‘Shift’. These guys are so wicked awesome!)

    Those of Willow =
    (I’m feeling a little selfish for putting my own band down but I appreciate anyone checking us out also, I recommend listening to our track ‘Dearest Friends’ if you’re into acoustic stuff, thanks a ton!)

    Becoming the Lion =
    (This is my guitarist’s solo project while I’m off at school, he does such a great job with it…seriously check out ‘silent return’ on his unearthly creature ep to be put into a super happy mood [reminds me of a song that would be in a movie like Where The Wild Things Are, lol] or check out ‘rally at the battle front’ on his ghosts of a fallen soldier ep to get Intense!!!)

  • Jonathan Vio

    Music is an amazing thing! I totally agree with being careful with what you listen to, Jake. You definitely get vibes from certain artists, its almost like what they felt at the time they wrote the song almost gets transferred to you in a small way. It’s interesting. I think that’s why music can be such a powerful thing, and how it can be used to do great evil or great good. Kind of like our tongues and the words we speak!

    I loved your acoustic version of Internal Cannon on the Leveler deluxe edition, that was awesome. I’m a real sucker for acoustic acts like City and Colour as well. I’ve really gotten a lot into Jon Foreman’s solo projects lately… simple, beautiful songs with excellent songwriting.

    God bless man!

  • EthanDH

    Love your music and witness. the album i cant put down is Children of Fire by Oh Sleeper and cancer by showbread. if your looking for softer stuff Marc Scriblia is really good.

  • david

    Music is so important in my life.It got me through everything I’ve ever been through,and will forever be my passion.You guys are incredible and one of my fav all time bands.But actually I’d have to say that Paramore is my favorite band.I’ve been listening to them from the start and I love those guys(even though my two favorite members left the band).I just feel that even though they’re in such a generic genre,that they stick out.They’re really original and the drummer Zac Farro is amazing.Huge inspiration of mine.Overall they’re just an amazing band.

  • Medina

    Wouldn’t it be considered Idolatary or sinful to tattoo or pierce your body if it isn’t to represent the glory of god?
    In this case for the fan,who has a tattoo of Jake,Im not trying to say its bad,im just confused.

  • Medina

    Wouldn’t it be considered Idolatary or sinful to tattoo or pierce your body if it isn’t to represent the glory of god?
    In this case for the fan,who has a tattoo of Jake,Im not trying to say its bad,im just confused

  • BennyD

    Music moves me. It awakens parts of my soul specific to the message of the song. Your music, Jake, helped save my life. A great album is Cold Hard Want by House of Heroes, it came out this past summer. Dance (Blow it all Away), Comfort Trap, and Suspect are three of the best off the album.

  • Jan

    This Romantic Tragedy is a pretty good band if you haven’t heard of them already, same with Audiostrobelight

  • J M Gregory

    Obviously, i love hardcore and metal. But one thing thy always gets me going is good gospel and praise. Stuff like 33 Miles, Gateway Worship, Matthew West, and my favorite is the album “To Know Your Heart” by Cape First Worship. Being a christian, the anointing and spirit of God in that album always pushes me foward.

  • Ashley

    I can totally relate to what you’re saying. Music can totally change my mood or bring me back to another time and place. BSB makes me think of highschool and my trip to Europe. The Gaither’s reminds me of my grandpa and family reunions.
    Personally, as much as I love metal, it’s more my study music and what I listen to at the gym or when I need to stay awake – it’s my energy music. A lot of the time I listen to praise and worship music. Ones that have been on repeat are Hillsong Live’s Cornerstone album and also ORU’s album Come Like a Flood. They just constantly remind me of how good God is!
    ps: I’d also recommend Memphis May Fire’s latest album.

  • david

    Oh yeah,Rush is really good too.Those guys HAVE to be an influence of ABR,haha.
    You guys remind me of Rush so much.

  • Samuel

    I listen to August Burns Red!
    Hey Jake have you ever seen the doctumentry hells bells the dangers of rock and roll? If so what is your opinion on it?

  • Ben

    Music is definitely like going to the gym, and is often the only thing that encouraged me to get in the gym. Recent discovery of music for me is Tycho, more on the electronic spectrum. I’ve also really been enjoying Thrice’ entire discography lately, but I don’t really have many recommendations. Music is a physical, emotional, and spiritual presence in my life. I’ve connected with people through music, I’ve connected with God through music, I’ve probably even interacted with the devil through music. Music does something all it’s own to me, and thank God for August Burns Red.

  • Lance Spence

    I’m so glad you know who City and Colour is. If you like stuff like him, you might like Noah Gundersen,The Lumineers, or Mumford and Sons.

    Listen to Noah Gundersen’s song David.

    Also if you didn’t know Dallas Green (the lead singer for City and Colour) is the singer for a post hardcore band called Alexisonfire.

    If you don’t know Alexisonfire check out the song This could be anywhere in the world.

  • Happy Thanksgiving Heart Support! I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes back to particular times in my life when I listen to specific CDs. I loved this post. I’ve been listening to: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon, Lights – Siberia, Fiction Family, From Indian Lakes, and Thrice’s Anthology. Also if you’re a fan of Explosions in the Sky, check out Balmorhea. Insanely good.

  • Carolyn

    Roy English

  • Johnny

    check out Wolves at the Gate – Captors, awesome heavy music with worship lyrics 🙂

  • Michael

    Great article! For the last few years I have been listening to all sorts of rock, but I grew up on rap. I quit listening to it because I didn’t like the message I heard from it…. Lately though I have been trying to discover new christian music aside from the normal rock stuff and I came across Lecrae and Trip Lee! They are two rappers who are (in my opinion) better than Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, or rappers like that! Plus their message is amazing!

  • Finally catching up on Heart Support after too long..

    I like how City and Colour starts playing as I am reading this.

    Some can make you motivated and happy, other kinds can make you feel down and lonely. I think that music is very powerful and can change your frame of mind and the way you think completely. Of course this can depend on the music you choose and how much thought you put into it. It is ok to listen to music that is put together well, but lyrics are an important part. The words you are listening to and how you interpret them are one of the more powerful parts of music.

    August Burns Red definitely does this for me in a very positive way, and is what is still helping me find my way back to God. The other band that comes to mind right way is my other favorite – The Classic Crime. The best way I can describe them is real and honest. (as my shuffle decides to start playing them at this moment).. I have never met anyone who I have had listen to them not like their music. They are not hard, not soft, but a lovely blend somewhere in between. Matt MacDonald sings about his own struggles and many people can relate and find comfort in their songs.

  • Fabian

    Jake you should check out Corelia. Really great music with intense vocals and guitar solos. (Prog metal/Djent)

    • Fabian

      This blew my mind when I first heard it.

      “Leave, leave me here
      For the grievous faults
      That have fractured my past
      I would do the same for you

      I was to be a legend
      But now I am a victim in it’s stead
      I hear the titans mocking me
      Waiting in desperation”

  • Katherine

    check out, World I Witness! They are sick, I’ve seen them and they inspire me to put faith in myself! they only have a teaser released right now, but you should check it out and check out a single when it comes out!

  • Benedict Radich

    Really digging Hands Like Houses right now. Check them out.

  • miko

    i really love music, the way music encourage me through their lyric lifestyle and everything,.. one song of my favorite its not metal song but its really impact my life

    is GIve by relient K

    and salt and light by ABR

  • Cullen

    I’ll throw some local Dallas music down. Even cameras lie, yesterday as today, sail the sky aaaaand the best of all, never in ruin.

  • Awesome article Jake. I definitely feel you on music changing your mood or making you feel a certain way/bringing up memories. I’ll be seeing you for the first time in West Chester in 3 weeks! SO stoked.
    As far as new music, We came as romans and Life in your way are constants lately. Also, I’m very excited for the new Killswitch Engage with Jesse back as their lead singer again.
    See ya soon! God bless.

  • You should check out ANA SAPPHIRA (Ana Suh-Fy-ra) from central New Hampshire Metal/Nu Metal/Hard Rock. The CD is about a modern day Prodigal Son.

  • Clayton Ramer

    I can barely stop listening to Coheed and Cambria’s 2 newest albums. But you’ve probably heard of them. Check out Andy Mineo and Lecrae. and can’t wait to hear you guys’ new album!

  • This article couldn’t be more true. Music can have an enormous impact on your life,depending on what you’re listening to. It lead me to want to find heart. It would also make Mm

  • Luke

    “Wrestling with angels” album “letters” awesome swedish pop rock

  • zack zysek

    my dude’s band “wage war” is sick. used to be called “empires”, then name change to “war within” now they found a name that’s gonna stay lol.
    or youtube search empires florida. fall of kings EP/. songs are divides, fall of kings, conquerors, um…idr the rest lol. and reveal renew out of tampa is good too

  • Alex Hernandez

    JOHN BUTLER TRIO. amazing musicians…check out their live album “Live at Red Rocks.”

  • Ethan

    I can’t stop listening to Jesus Culture and Bethel live and My Epic.

  • John

    check out “to move on is to grow” by we came as romans
    -unsound by underoath
    -just and just as by penny and sparrow