When you’re at a concert, you feel connected to everyone there–you love the same music, you wear the same clothes, you feel brave enough to talk to strangers you might never anywhere else. When someone falls over or gets knocked down in the pit, swarms of people rush over to pick them back up. The rules of life at a concert are simple: here, we’re family.

#unitethescene is about bringing fans, bands, and music lovers alike together to be family outside of the venue walls. And we’re trying to make HeartSupport the first step towards that. To have it be a place where when you get knocked down in life–bullied, abused, stuck in addiction, struggling–you have people to pick you up, you have a place to go, a home, where you’re safe and people love you. It’s the place where you check judgment and division at the door and step into that a sanctuary of acceptance and understanding. Our hope is that we would transform this world so that no music fan would have to go through their struggles alone because they have family. That’s what #unitethescene is all about. Us, together. Because we’re better, stronger, more hopeful united.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season there are many who aren’t excited for this time of year. They’re dealing with depression, loss, family issues, hurt, pain, and even entertaining thoughts of suicide. But this holiday season you have the unique opportunity to give towards changing their lives. If you haven’t seen our life change map, you can read numerous stories of lives that have been changed through the power of unity and community.

So this Christmas, consider giving up a coffee once a month….and see lives radically transformed.

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