Below you’ll find all updates leading up to the launch of Warped Tour and Re-Write, HS’s book on self-harm. Watch the video, listen to the audio, or read the text below. Each includes the same update! Thank you so much for helping make this happen — we have a huge summer ahead of us!



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This past month, you Amplified HeartSupport’s message of hope in the scene. Here’s how the Sound made itself heard in May:


We’ve finished the first and second draft of our new Self-Harm book, and have had it revised by 2 professional counselors. We’ve hired out an Editor for the 3rd draft, a designer for the cover, and have our printing, publishing, and marketing lined up ready to go. We can’t wait to see all that God will do through this resource.


We’re gearing up for Warped Tour, and thank all of you Amplifiers who donated to the TourMakers 4 campaign. We’ve booked a van and hired a driver, we finalized merch designs, ordered them, and created a new tent cover. We hired our full- time tour personnel and booked flights! Come meet us so we can thank you in person! Warped Tour starts June 16th!

  • Nate & Taylor – June 16th through June 25th
  • Jake – June 27th through July 2nd
  • Dan & Casey – July 6th through July 10th
  • John – July 10th through July 24th
  • Megan – July 22nd and July 24th
  • Ben – July 24th through August 6th


  1. Dan and Casey’s Live Support Wall Twitch Stream got partnered on Twitch 4/20 (which is like getting signed to a label as a band) and now streams 2 hours, 4 days a week!
  2. A band called Silent Planet promoted us at the end of their music video about suicide (show video?)
  3. We’re less than 5,000 views away from 1 million YouTube views!


A volunteer and friend of ours, Devin, came to faith. He was involved in black magic and satanism for 3 years. Earlier in the year, he reached out to Nate when was contemplating suicide and decide to live. Recently though, he went through a bad breakup and felt Satan tell him to take revenge on his girlfriend. Nate shared the hope of Jesus, and God spoke to Devin through an August Burns Red song at that moment while he and Nate were texting. Later that day, God prompted Nate to call Devin, and Devin came to faith. Devin discarded his black magic equipment and began reading the Bible for the first time. He had a dream later that night where he felt embraced by a heavenly host who affirmed him saying, “You are loved, you are treasured, and you are one of a kind.”


John started HS Houston! July 7th, @Walter’s in downtown Houston, HS begins it’s first “chapter”, to test launch of starting local chapters of our volunteer team, for consistent on-the-ground presence across the country at shows. This is the beginning of local infrastructure of support for the scene.


  • Warped Tour starts June 16th, and we’re excited for the thousands of conversations we’re going to get to have on the road. If you’d like, be praying for our team and the people we’ll meet!
  • Classy awards for being top 100 socially innovative non-profit in the world, HeartSupport is in Boston June 12-16th! We have a chance to win top 10 — it would blow our minds if that happened. Would be a total God-gift.
  • We’re bringing our Self Harm book on tour to help hundreds of people


  • Both Adi (Ben’s daughter) and Ellie (Nate’s daughter) are turning 1
  • Megan is crushing the working-mama life
  • John is practicing his sales pitch for Boston to investors and funders at the Classy event
  • Dan & Casey are prepping for an onslaught of video interviews from bands on Warped