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We’re releasing a new page next week on the site called the Life Change Map.

It’s a map on our site that shows all the stories from people whose lives have been changed by HeartSupport. It will inspire people on our site to have hope that their lives really can change because so many others across the country have had theirs changed too. And we want you to be a part of this.

Your story has power–in the small things and the big things alike. Maybe HeartSupport has helped you overcome one of your struggles, or maybe it gave you the hope you needed to hold on in the moment you needed it most. However HeartSupport has impacted you, tell us how your life was changed because your story might be what someone else needs to change theirs too.

When we launch our Life Change Map next week, we’re also going to be releasing a new video that we’ve been working on. It tells the story of HeartSupport and has some special guests in it from some of your favorite bands (WCAR, BTF, TDWP, TCM, TIJ). If you share with us your story of how HeartSupport has changed your life by Friday, December 12th at 7PM CST, we would love to give you a sneak peak of that video for taking the time to spread hope with us.

The survey is short and asks for your name, email, city, and story. It will only take a few minutes, and it could be the reason someone on our site finds hope that they too can overcome.

We look forward to reading your story and giving you our exclusive clip!


Jake Luhrs & the HeartSupport Team

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