There’s already been some incredible stories coming out of our time on Warped Tour. Every date has been chalked-full of epic conversations. We included our favorite story below, and at the end of tour, we’ll release to you a map of stories from every single stop on tour. Also below you’ll find details leading up to the launch of Re-Write next week, some milestones we hit, and a recap of the last month’s crazy events. Watch the video, listen to the audio, or read the text below. Each includes the same update! Thank you so much for amplifying our impact this summer.



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ReWrite is officially complete! We received our first real life, hard copy version of the book, and it felt SO GOOD to see this concept literally come to life. To feel the cover, the flip through the pages, to read the words. It’s an incredible feeling. We’re in the process right now of working with Amazon to publish it on their eStore next week, and when it goes live, we’ll be pushing it like crazy. If you’d like to help us get the word out about this book to your friends and family, we invite you to! After Friday 7/7 (or whenever you see us making a buzz about it online), you can write a post or share this link with anyone you know who might want the book:


We are 10 days into Warped Tour, and have witnessed more life change than we ever have before. Not every conversation is as drastic as the one below, but we’ve had a handful of them at every stop, and we’re excited to report: this is the best summer on Warped we’ve had yet. 

This is Tara. She walked up to the tent with bandaged arms from a recent suicide attempt. Her life had been one event after the other of stress piling up. She did everything she could to love everyone around her, but she had been running on empty for so long that small frustrations and disappointments eroded her willingness to continue living, and she tried giving up. As I was asking God what He was up to in this conversation, I kept hearing the word “LOVE”. When she finished sharing her story, I started to reflect her pain, and I realized she has such powerful and persistent love for others. Her PURPOSE is to love and to love relentlessly. But she’s been drawing from an empty well. You can’t give what you don’t have, and she hasn’t received love in a long time. So I shared that with her and asked her, “where can you get a love greater than that which you are giving to others?” Her first response was, “myself!” To which I asked, “how’s that going?” I asked her again, “from where can you receive more love than you give?” She thought and replied, “God?” I teased and asked if that was a question or a statement, and she began to process that she hadn’t talked to God in a long time. When her dad passed away, she blamed God for her pain and his loss, and she turned away from Him. But she knew that the way she was living was unsustainable; she was painfully empty and getting worse each day. As we went back and forth, she peeled back the layers of her unforgiveness and realized she didn’t want to give up control of her life. She didn’t trust God to control it well, so she turned from Him and grabbed the reigns, but in a moment of bittersweet epiphany, she realized she worse under her own control than God’s. We turned away from the crowd of people, and I put my arm around her as she prayed and asked for God’s forgiveness for her grudge. She confessed that she had been sorry, and she wanted to try again and let Him lead her. She opened her arms and received His love. I prayed for her after and spoke the Father’s love over her. When she lifted her eyes, you could see the desperation lifted from her face, and she looked like hope had blossomed anew in her heart. Knowing she could turn to God when she was exhausted, frustrated, empty, confused, disappointed, and anything in between felt like a rescue to not have to handle it all herself. I left her with a challenge: to practice receiving the Father’s love. And with that challenge, a promise: He will come through. And with that promise, a calling: to love powerfully from her overflow of His love. She accepted, and I imagine, so did He.

If you’re coming out to any of the upcoming Warped Tour dates, here’s who you can look forward to seeing on tour with Dallas:

  • Dan & Casey – July 6th through July 10th
  • John – July 10th through July 24th
  • Megan – July 22nd and July 24th
  • Ben – July 24th through August 6th


  1. Through our YouTube, blog, and forum, people received a total of 184,352 minutes of encouragement in June alone.
  2. We hit 1 million YouTube views and have 12,000 subscribers now! It’s a big deal when a channel hits a 7-digit view count. It substantiates and validates our videos and brand as a trustworthy and established channel, and it makes people want to cycle through our videos because our content is edified.
  3. Dan and Casey will be having their first live stream promotion on the front page of Twitch in July! Another huge milestone for our online efforts because this will bring hundreds of new people in contact with our real-time community.


Despite being selected for’s “100 Most Innovative Nonprofits”, HeartSupport lost out to some very talented amazing organizations this year for a slot in the top 10. We will be submitting for next year’s award as well, and hope to be crowned in 2018! We could never have made it to the Awards Ceremony in Boston without The Sound!


We opened our new volunteer team called The Pit! Over the past 4 years, we’ve been tweaking our team to try to capitalize on the wealth of passion our supporters have for making a difference in the music scene. Our greatest obstacle has always been busyness. So many well-intentioned people just have so much going on in their lives — pretty sure we can all relate to that. When you can’t incentivize people’s consistency with pay, it’s difficult to depend on and build community. On this, our fourth iteration of our volunteer team, we think we’ve cracked the code. The Pit is a text list where anyone and everyone who is willing to volunteer for HeartSupport subscribes to. Once a month, we send our volunteers a text with a volunteer opportunity, and if they’re available, they participate, and if they aren’t, they don’t! It’s an awesome way to capitalize on people’s passion in the seasons they’re able and let them off the hook when they’re slammed. THUS! We’ve formed The Pit. If you’d like to stay in the loop on these opportunities as well, all you have to do is text thepit with no @, “, or spaces before or after to 33222. The first project The Pit will be helping us with is promoting ReWrite! We’re stoked!



This month we’d like to thank Courtney and Jacob Blust (Amplifier #7), who joined the Sound last year during TM3. They live in Indianapolis, and have known John and Ben for a handful of years. When asked why they decided to donate to the Sound, Courtney explained,  “I’ve heard about HeartSupport for a number of years now since Ben’s been involved. I’ve gotten the chance to see it grow to impact so many people and the good it’s done. When John asked us to jump into the Sound, we decided to start tithing to HeartSupport!” Recently Courtney and Jacob celebrated the birth of their first son, Tanner.


  • ReWrite goes live!
  • Warped continues:
  • HSHouston is Officially Launching Friday July 7th


  • Ben spent last week visiting an old Army friend who was diagnosed with cancer, and is patiently waiting for the release of our new self-harm book ReWrite. Also freaking out that he wrote a book!
  • After a restful vacation in Montana soaking in super fresh mountain air, John is back in Houston turning the gears and preparing to launch out on Warped Tour.
  • Nate and Taylor had an epic time on Warped tour, and they’ve just celebrated their daughter Ellie’s first birthday.
  • Casey and his family have been enjoying the summer and getting out in the yard to do some home projects.
  • Megan’s son Hunter is now 5 months old, and Megan and Kyle got to headbang at a Metallica show for father’s day