While we were finishing up the manuscript for ReWrite, we had a friend of ours reach out because she just discovered her daughter was self-harming. Like most parents, she felt a whole host of emotions: sad her daughter hadn’t told her sooner, scared for her, distraught and confused about what to do, overwhelmed about the whole situation. She reached out hoping we could offer her some encouragement, but she would’ve never guessed just how powerful that encouragement would be. We sent her a PDF draft of the manuscript, and she read the entire book that night. It was like the fog of confusion had lifted, and she understood what her daughter was going through. She knew her role in her recovery and how she could support her most effectively. And most importantly, she felt confident that they were going to make it through this, together.


We had hopes that ReWrite would be powerful, but having this happen in the middle of us editing it was the clearest confirmation we could have received: THIS BOOK WORKS. And it’s going to be revolutionary for so many people and families wrestling through this feeling completely alone.


Let us be crystal clear: this is going to help a lot of people. And we get to be the ones to give it to them.


Get stoked on this promo by watching the commercial and then reading our marching orders below. By the end, all your questions should be answered, and you should feel clear about how we’re going to blow this thing up.




To get this life-changing resource into the hands of as many people as possible.


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Hey, have fun with this! While it’s not labor intensive, every bit of your help seriously means the world to us. And honestly, at HeartSupport, we’re all stoked to be a part of a freaking BOOK launch — I mean, when we started this thing four years ago, none of us would have guessed we’d be a part of something this cool. It’s a big deal, and a huge privilege, and we’re honored you’re in it with us. Let’s have fun, and let’s help our friends. Is that cool? Let’s do it. Remember: sign up right here right now.