Judging someone tastes delicious.

I believe that if Christians understood more that their salvation wasn’t earned then just maybe they would be more gracious to others. It’s honestly sad seeing a judgmental Christian, and completely contradicts what they believe in.



Hey Christians…Question:

Is Jesus’ prerogative to judge the people He came to save? Or to love and heal them?

Can we please stop judging others who actually know nothing about Christ? Can we instead be involved in their lives, caring for their needs, serving them, and showing them love as opposed to destructive tongue lashings?

Jesus came to work with the wounded and save us from ourselves. Perhaps our judgment and finger pointing is actually proving to everyone just how un-christian we are. If we actually live, love, and walk with Jesus then we wouldn’t be so hateful, hurting and judgmental.

Part of actually believing in Christ, is understanding that everyone needs Him. Not a single person on this earth is perfect. He is the only one who ever was. Now whether the people of this earth accept him as God and one that wants to heal what’s inherently broken within humanity  is up to the individual. But whoever judges a man based on his lack of belief in our Christian God is just as equally lacking because of his judgment.


Christ didn’t get thrown on the cross and murdered for His “followers” to point the finger at the rest of the world and start popping off judgment!


Can I ask a question? What got you through the door of salvation? Hard work? Sweat and tears? Sacrifice? Strength? Obedience? Commitment? Bravery? Courage? Your love for others?

NOPE. You didn’t do a thing to earn his love.
You didn’t raise a hand or even break a sweat, let alone bleed. What is it then that makes us think we’re so special? Are we really so different from the guy on the street that doesn’t know Jesus?

You’d think people that really KNOW Jesus wouldn’t come off so condescending, cocky, or just plane rude. They’d instead be humble, patient, and kind.


Think about this:

A man comes to you claiming to be God. He tells you that no matter how unfaithful you are as his creation he’ll still love you and wants to love you unconditionally. It’s in his nature to love you that way. He’ll hold no record of wrong against you, forgive you when you constantly blow it, and when you die you’ll get to go to heaven and live in absolute joy and perfection and never experience sorrow or suffering again.

All you have to do is believe he’s God,trust him, and be one of his followers.

Doesn’t seem to bad deal, does it?

Why then is it that no one wants anything to do with it?


The most common answer is because people see the actions of those who claim to follow Jesus as hypocritical, judgmental, rude, stuck up, and really strange.

The sad part is Jesus gets the bad wrap because his followers keep handing out black eyes to those around them.


Instead of handing out black eyes, what if we looked a little bit more like how he lived? Handing out love, service, and sacrificial care to others. Why is this not the mentality in our “Christian” family? What’s gone so wrong that we look nothing like him and more like the Pharisees?

Please…… the call is love, gentleness, kindness, service, and sacrifice.

This is important. You are reflecting your God.


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  • Dustin Vaughn

    Amen bro! I think one of the biggest issues with christians today is the lack of quality time spent with our creator. Church is not enough. Retreats and missions trips are not enough. We must be in constant fellowship with God. The word tells us to pray without ceasing. We can only begin to live like Christ if we are spending time with him. God bless

    • Jacobluhrs

      Totally agreed, church isn’t enough and whats funny is you can have “church” anywhere you go. It’s all about building, walking and talking with God. Not so much about a building. Thanks for reading.

  • Cjames29

    Amen! I was actually thinking of making a shirt that said “blame me not Jesus” 🙂

  • Trevor

    Very good article as I do see a lot of Christians that are narrow minded, and not accepting of others’ and their views. I don’t care if someone is Arab, Atheist, Christian, or worships a potato, I still want to treat them equally and with sincere kindness.

    • Jacobluhrs

      Yeah, its funny that people don’t care to treat others with respect if they do not believe in what they do. Fairly selfish and prideful way of thought if you ask me. Thanks for reading!

  • Saint

    I write this in a calm way:

    You said:

    “Can we please stop judging others who actually know nothing about
    Christ? Can we instead be involved in their lives, caring for their
    needs, serving them, and showing them love as opposed to destructive
    tongue lashings?”

    I agree what you said.

    Judgement and criticism don´t help a Christian who is living in sin, messed up etc.

    Its biblical command that we use our words wisely, to build other person up.
    1 Thessalonians 5:11
    Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
    Romans 14:19
    So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.
    Rather than creating more pain.

    Only love, supportive fellowship and Jesus can change one life.

    For me its quite ironic when i see “Christians” getting mad, frustrated or judgemental when they find out how their friend has failed/backslided.

    It also seems to me that more and more Christians are having a lukewarm additute in faith a and overall are quite useless to society, church etc.

    As so much poverty(currently in Europe major crisis is very close to happen, also USA money problems), evil, abuse going on-Christians should get rid of pride/selfishness/egoism and start really supporting each other!

  • Miles

    Thanks for the post man! I noticed recently that I’m very judgemental. And the worst part is that it is so easy to give into finger pointing and rumors, while your own filth becomes less apparent to you. Hopefully God will replace my stone heart with a kind one.

  • Jamie Strong

    Beautifully put. If we could stop judging people, then they would maybe stop judging us, and Jesus! We are hypocrites when we judge anyone.

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