If nothing changes, then nothing changes.. sucks

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.


I’ve learned from a close friend of mine. Tim Collins… I came to him the other day with things on my mind, things I needed to change about myself.. things I knew I needed to change about my life.. Not accepting to the routine or lifestyle I had. Some things in my life I need more of, like alone time to really think about who I am and where I wanted to be in life. How I needed to grow and what areas I needed to grow in. Whether it is in my spiritual walk, me being in a full touring band or just as I am with relationships and certain things I myself can fall into like reacting to situations rather than taking a moment to better understand the situation and analyzing it and then making a move. Often I just react to the first thing that happens rather than giving it some time to soak in and making a peaceful clear minded decision.


When I came to him he had few words… but he had the right ones.. He said to me “ If nothing changes, then nothing changes…sucks”.


He said this about 4 days ago and it has really stuck to me. So simple and very few words sometimes is what you need to hear. I realized that if I didn’t CHANGE then nothing was going to CHANGE. .. That it was my decision to work on these things, to bring them not only to the throne but to make them a priority in my life to exercise the things in my life that I’m either weak in or that I needed to nurture. Like patience.. I need to exercise patience.. just as you exercise at the gym to have your muscles grow we are to exercise our minds. Our minds are what make the decisions… our hearts have a huge impact on the mind and I’m seeing that some of the things I’ve struggled with in the past or have had happened to me in the past could very well still be dwelling in my heart. I have to renew my mind, I have to heal from the past and I have to be willing to exercise the healing in order to heal the heart and mind. Through these first steps brings the foundation of actual change in your life.  Spriitually for me it’s bringing things to God.. giving Him my issues and struggles and praying for guidance and a way to direct me to healing and the process of renewing the mind. I’ve got to start somewhere and a lot of the times I feel we start with just an “issue” however sometimes we need to start with the heart issue, the deeper issue… that is usually the base and foundation of why other “issues” grow or blossom in our lives. So when Tim tells me nothing changes if nothing changes, I believe he is speaking about if you don’t change what’s in the heart than the outside things wont change either.

It’s a lot of work for anyone to dig up old bones or uncover things they’ve had hidden, locked up and thrown away the key.

But if we don’t deal with them now they will ultimately shape who we are today, tomorrow and for the years of your life to come.


Thanks Tim for being a real friend and shedding real light.

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  • david

    Thanks for sharing that with us bro,and giving all of us something to really think about.Reading this definetely has brought some of the things that i’ve been wanting to change about myself to mind also.For me,it would be loving the way Jesus wants me to love.As you’ve said,for you,you want to know that you are uncovering the things in the depths of your heart and to bring them to God.I think it’s beautifiul that God can actually help us with this process.But I would’nt worry to much.I believe that God wants us to know that life is more of a marathon than a race,and each day we grow with Him.It does really require patience.And that He knows us better than we do,and whatever is hidden,whether good or not so good,will be brought to the light and addressed.Nothing is veiled that won’t be unveiled.So personally,I take all issues to God knowing He will take care of me,and I try to focus more on His will and truth instead of getting lost in feeling.I think you’ll be okay bro,it’s great to even address these things.God sees.

  • Ben

    Just what I needed, Thanks for your honesty bro!

  • Karen

    I love this. Thank you so much Jake for being a walking testimony of how powerfully, intimately, and intricately God works in our lives!

  • Jacobluhrs

    I’m still learning quite a lot about how God works in our lives and i think that is the best part of following Him. He is never ending and His wisdom and love is always encouraging and I am so thankful for Him and I”s relationship.

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