How to Overcome Your Addiction by Doing a Front Flip

I took a deep breath and stood wide-eyed staring at the platform.


“You can do it, man! Just go!”


I swallowed my fear and counted down. Three. Two. GO!


I took off in a sprint. Each step crunching on the hard bark. My arms clawed through the air as if my left was competing with my right. Shock pumped through my leg as I planted it hard and propelled off the ground. I brought my feet together and prepared for the bounce. My arms reared over my head. And in the split second after my feet launched me from the platform, I hesitated.


I don’t think I can do this…


I closed my eyes anyway and flung my arms forward. My knees tucked to my chest, and my stomach turned as it was disoriented in the air. When I landed, I opened my eyes and saw the blue sky above me. The same bark that my feet had flattened now littered the back of my shirt and pants. I wondered to myself, What did I do wrong?? Will I ever be able to do this?? 



Time and time again, I’ve thought this while trying to break free from my addiction to porn and failing. Each time, I would set out more determined than the last. I would have a new strategy, a new program, a new accountability partner, a new software. I tried EVERYTHING, but nothing seemed to help. I began to get discouraged. I doubted I could ever break free. I thought I missed my chance. It was too hard. I wasn’t good enough. Maybe success is for someone else.


But my friend came over and offered me his hand. He brushed off some of the remaining bits of bark and gave me advice for my next try. He said, “Doing a front flip is 90% commitment, 10% technique. You just have to go for it. Commit to the flip, and you’ll land it.”


The next time I ran to jump off the platform, I didn’t hesitate. I told myself that I’m going to do it, and I’m going to do it big. I’m going to jump as high as I can, flip as fast as I can, and I’m going to land it. I committed. And I did it.


I think that battling our addictions requires that same level of commitment. We have to go into it with our minds set on victory. As if there’s no alternative. Our only option is freedom.


The trick is finding the courage and the strength inside of us to commit like that. This looks different for each of us. But the good news is that it’s something that you already have. You just have to find it.


I didn’t know where to start, so I asked God where mine was. He helped me find it, and He wants to tell you where yours is too. So, I challenge you this week to ask Him. Because once you find your strength and courage to fully commit, you’ll have no other option but to break free.

  • Yonas Getu

    Love this article so much 🙂

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