Honesty is the best policy.

Honestly… I’m a liar.

Honesty is one of the BIGGEST issues in all relationships. What does dishonesty birth? A lack of trust, and being trustworthy is one of the deepest roots to a strong, healthy, and prosperous friendship.

Let me be honest with you…I’ve lied for my own personal gain.

Whether I’ve lied about something so that I avoided being judged, or looking like a horrible person, or even for the sake of not hurting someone… It doesn’t matter. A lie is not the truth.

Why is it so hard to tell the truth?


If we really think about the times we lie and why we do it, often we lie so that WE don’t look bad. Other times we lie, so that we don’t hurt someone’s feelings. We make a conscious decision in that particular moment that it’s acceptable to lie, and that it’s better than the truth. But honestly, what’s better than the truth? Don’t others deserve the truth? Can we truly be trusted when we continue to lie and hide the truth from others? Who actually wants to hang around a person who just builds lie after lie after lie?

You compromise your value in peoples’ eyes when you lie to them. You are building a wall of dishonesty, and quite frankly, I’ve built these walls of dishonesty before in my own life with some of the most important people in my life.

Where did it get me? More work, and more struggle.

I had to prove to these peole that I CAN be trusted. And that I am worth having in their lives. And that they can rely on me, and I won’t be a half hearted friend. I had to prove that I will be truthful to them and that I take pride in being an honest person. However, the work you put into proving your honesty can VANISH just with one lousy lie.

I’ve lost friendships in the past from lying and withholding information from them. That is one of the biggest consequences of dishonesty: losing relationships, or even your integrity as a person.


Honesty truly IS the best policy. I’ve had to be honest with close friends of things I’m ashamed of, but if I lie it’s just covering up my faults and insecurities. When we decide to lie, we are padding those faults into ourselves and letting it fester inside us. It does something to us; something to our minds, our hearts. If we think it’s okay to lie about the smaller things in life, it will gradually grow into a mindset that it’s okay to lie about bigger issues and everything else. I promise that eventually your lies will be found out, your conviction will bring you to your knees, and you WILL lose people close to you in your life because of those lies. This is something I use to struggle with and had to work on. We have to start telling the truth, even when it hurts. Truth might hurt for a moment, but lies bury themselves deep in your skin and start to mold you into a different person. Lying is not okay, it is not admired. It is what it is…not the truth.

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  • sociopath

    well, im a sociopath and i can be 100% honest because i dont care about others, usually when that happens i gross people or make them sick :D……….when they realize who im really are(lying, manipulative, emotional engineering, profit seeking capitalist). Still im hopeful and positive, i have healed from sociopathy before, demons are attacking me greatly because i have great potential to spread the Gospel of Jesus and give hope to others.

  • Teigon S.

    I loved the show last night Jake! I got a chance to speak with you for a few minutes and in all honesty, I meant what I said about your music and God being a big part of my recovery. On the topic, I have found that a spiritual way of life demands rigorous honesty with myself, my family, my friends and most importantly: God. I know that He is always watching and that there is nothing that I have done that He doesn’t know, but in the end that is truly what saves me. I could be out in the middle of nowhere, 100 miles away from any living being and make a bad choice and no one would ever know, except Him and myself. That being said @ sociopath, there is a fine line between being brutally honest and down right rude. I will not shy away from telling someone the truth but I will not go out of my way to point out someone’s flaws. If they approach me on the subject I do not always tell them what they want to hear, in fact I will be straight up. However, in any situation that puts someone else’s feelings on the line I just have to ask myself, “if Jesus was here, would he be blunt and rude to this person, or would he offer his honest opinion and a helping hand?”
    Teigon S.

  • Tyler Y.

    Without Trust, Love is Dead. That is what I thought of while reading this. I think that is a very true statement.

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