HeartSupport Update – New Content Coming Soon!

We know we haven’t posted much in the last 2 weeks and this is mainly due to us pouring all our resources into Warped Tour and finishing strong.

During Warped we got to laugh, cry, pray, encourage, and support numerous people and share about our community to thousands who had never heard of us and let them know their is hope and a community that cares where they can share in their struggles and feel genuinely loved and accepted.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and conversations and love during Warped Tour. We could feel them all from afar!

Most of our inboxes are flooded and we PROMISE we’re going to answer each and every one of your emails. We have TONS of questions you guys asked on our Q&A section on the site that we’re going to answer as well and will get to ASAP.

Right now, the team is drained from pouring out and going to take a break this week and will be on vacation, but next week we’ll have new blogs, content, guest blogs, video interviews and the works.

We love you, believe in you, and are the reason we exist. You ALL are the backbone of HeartSupport. Without your love and support we could have never made it.

We’re eternally grateful.


All our love,

Jake, Sledge, Nate, Jordan, Amanda, Lance, and Kayleen

jake and fans

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

  • Kevin Thompson

    So glad warped tour went so well! I can imagine you guys are so excited about everything that has happened, but also SO drained at the same time. I really look forward to seeing the new material. I check Heart Support almost everyday. Enjoy your vacations =)