.Giving from Our Hearts.


To give from the heart: this is something we don’t do nearly enough. I find people, including myself, are the first to be excited about us. What is it we want to do, or what we want to have. We think about what we need, or what’s best for us. Sounds pretty selfish doesn’t it? It’s ironic because, as Christians, we are called to be selfless and humble, people who give from the heart and allow God to reveal Himself through our actions.

How are we suppose to do that if we are putting so much time and energy into what we want? And when we do give, how are we doing so? Are we giving because we want people to see us giving? Do we just want to look like a “good” person? We should give because we want to, regardless if it’s recognized. We should give because we have the understanding that giving to others is a form of love. A form that is severely overlooked and unacknowledged by the world.

I know that my God wants me to give. I believe that is a huge part in our calling as Christians. I mean, look at God, He gave His Son for our lives! He gave His Son to bear the penalty on the cross for our sins so we could be redeemed back and walk with Him once again. Wow. It still blows my mind when I think about it. I can’t imagine any of us giving a family member to be whipped, beaten, slandered, stabbed, and eventually killed for the murderers, adulterers, scoffers, idolaters, any kind of sinner in general, of this world. I can’t imagine us sacrificing a family member to compensate for the sins of people who deny that very member. God did; He gave Jesus for us. That is true love for His creation.

Yes, we should be giving more, realizing how it affects the people around us, and  really learning what it means to give. Personally, I want to gain more humility and truly understand the passion and beauty that lies in giving from my heart. I really desire to make a bigger effort in giving more time to the Lord in prayer and worship, and more time in submitting myself to God so that He truly is leading my life. Everyone enjoys declaring how we let God lead our lives, but in order to do so, we really need to give Him our time to do just that! If I give Him more of my time, then I know that He will show me how to give more of my heart to others. If I give more time to worshiping and honoring Him, I know that He takes joy in that, and what else do I really want? Honestly, what else does my heart really, really want?

I want to encourage you to give more time to your family, to your sister, brother, husband, wife, father, mother, friend, community! Dads, sit down with your kids and give them more of your time. Husbands, give more time to your wife today, ask her about her feelings and needs and how she feels about her life right now. Teens, go give time to your parents, thank them for giving you opportunities, and talk with them about what makes you tick. Give more time to your friends. Give time to a stranger who needs a kind word. Give time to the outcast in school who just doesn’t fit in. Above all, give time to our Lord, our sovereign Father who loves us like crazy. Give more time to what really matters in life.

And when we give more, we feel more. We feel something inside us that perhaps we haven’t felt in a while. Please know that giving makes a difference, not just in us, but others around us. A positive difference, full of grace and strength. Let’s strive to perfect that art of heart-felt giving in our lives.


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