Giving, does anyone do this?


We are to give from a cheerful heart. Does anyone do this? I know a lot of people give just to expect something in return. From an actual “you owe me” to using their “giving” heart as a way to boast. When was the last time you gave out of a cheerful heart with no attachments? Just to help someone in a time of need.

The month of December is always a month full of giving.. Christmas for example, you go out and buy presents for your family members, and are suppose to keep them in mind of what they like, or what you think they would want for Christmas.. You sometimes go out of your way to get them things they have on a piece of paper.


However I’ve also seen people get upset when they give someone a Christmas present and the present they received wasn’t as big as the one they had given. Or it didn’t cost nearly as much, so you get your panties in a wad. What’s the point of giving someone a present and then complaining that your present you received wasn’t good enough. Eww… way to ruin the moment.


It just seems that we often don’t care to give from a cheerful heart. We aren’t willing to give what we have to people who NEED it. Or  willing to stop from our busy schedules to help pick someone up off their feet when they are down. Think of all the ways you could help people if you were willing.. and what that would do for them and for yourself. We live in a society that screams GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE GIVE ME!


Yet, when someone is in need, we walk right past them. We don’t even bother to really care when we say “hi, how are you”. Do you honestly care how that person is doing? We say it all the time! When you’re getting groceries at the store the lady at the counter always asks.. “hey, how are you”. .

I’ve been guilty of wanting to keep all for me, I just felt the need to share since the subject is on giving, holidays, and generosity.


  • OscarGareskog

    Yeah man! I pray everyday that God will work through me, that I would encourage people, give them love, see them, with God’s eyes, on a daily basis! It would be greatly appreciated if you would pray with me in this bro!! Thanks again and bless! /Oscar

  • Nico

    @09ed387bb3d4848e1624f2bb882432f3:disqus this is exactly what I do everyday. For me it were hard to describe because english is not my motherlanguage. But you described it perfect. 🙂
    Together we can we can make the world a better one 🙂
    Thanks Jake and thanks Oscar
    God bless you ! 🙂

  • Nico

    Relating to this article
    “Life i a gift, remember that” – Cutting The Ties/August Burns Red

  • Sophia

    I have started a new tradition this year with my kids. I purchased a big bag of candy and made small candy bags. We attached homemade tags shaped like Christmas trees that said “thank you”. Next day they took turns passing them out to strangers, or people that normally don’t receive a genuine thank you. They gave to crossing guards, public bus drivers, pharmacist, construction workers, volunteer traffic directors, and even the local fire department. It not only lit up the faces of the recipients, but also the faces of my kids. Teaching the future generations the true spirit of kindness.